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Sikh Detective Unravels Peculiar Murder

Discussion in 'Business, Lifestyle & Leisure' started by Aman Singh, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Inspector Singh Investigates: Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder (Inspector Singh Investigates 1) By Shamini Flint

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    Shamimi Flint’s novel sets the scene for a new series of detective novels starring Singapore Police’s inspector Singh. A Malaysian playboy businessman is murdered and his Singapore-born ex-model wife is charged with the crime. Inspector Singh is sent to Kuala Lumpur to track the murder investigation and ensure that Chelsea Liew gets a fair trial.

    The religious overtones, custody battles, public outcry and political sensitivities in both Malaysia and Singapore result in a request by the Singapore government that a policeman from their country be second in command of the investigation. Singh, an aging overweight cop, who is jaded and sarcastic, is the chosen one. The Sikh inspector does things his own way, much to the annoyance of his senior officers, but gets his man in the end.

    The policeman had been fascinated by the marriage of Chelsea Liew and Alan Lee which was the Singapore equivalent of a royal wedding. Liew, the beautiful Singapore model, was swept off her feet by the dashing Malaysian heir to a timber forest. But now Singh finds her a battered housewife charged with murder. Singh is convinced she is innocent and decides to commence his own investigation to prove her innocence and find the real murderer.

    The Sikh detective increasingly misses his clean and well-swept country. His trademark white sneakers become grubby as he trudges through Kuala Lumpur’s dusty streets.

    Singh’s Malaysian counterpart is not amused with his antics but goes along as the investigation takes several twists and turns.

    Alan Lee is the nominal head of a timber empire that is involved in illegal logging in the protected rain forests of Borneo. There is evil afoot as the forests are denuded and the indigenous people are brutally driven away so that the illegal logging can take place. Inspector Singh decides to enquire whether the illegal logging operation has anything to do with Lee’s murder and comes up with a few surprises.

    Through the unravelling of the murder story, Flint explores the racial, religious and cultural tensions that crop up between the two countries. The author touches on several serious but topical issues like conversion and custody battles, and the jurisdiction of the Shyraiah (Sharia) court in Malaysia.

    This is inspector Singh’s first appearance in a light and entertaining novel by Shamini Flint, a lawyer turned author. Flint plans a series of Singh investigations as the portly inspector travels through Asia solving crimes in different countries. Inspector Singh’s next destination is Bali.
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