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1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Sikh Bodies Seek UN’s Intervention For Justice To ’84 Victims


The Khalsa Action Committee and the Dal Khalsa activists have submitted a representation to UN Secretary General Ban-ki-Moon through the UN Information Centre in New Delhi, seeking UN intervention for justice to the victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh carnage.

“We bring to you the agony and anxiety of the Sikhs who are revisiting the treacherous and painful times of the first week of November 1984, when 2, 733 Sikhs (official figures) were killed in Delhi alone and for whose families justice is still a far cry,” the representation stated.

The Sikh leaders, led by human rights activist Justice (retd) Ajit Singh Bains, stated that even the string of enquiry commissions set up by the Indian government under pressure of civil society has been unable to uncover the truth and prosecute the high and mighty conspirators and perpetrators.

“Only less than ten accused have been implicated so far and their sentence too has not been confirmed by higher courts,” it pointed out.
Dal Khalsa leader Kanwarpal Singh said that the UN Information Centre Director Ms Shalini Dewan accepted the representation and assured them that the UN would “put a moral pressure on theIndian government” to deliver justice to the victims of the 1984 carnage.


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