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General Sikh Alleges Discrimination At IIMB


Apr 4, 2005
Deccan Herald - Sikh alleges discrimination at IIMB

Sikh alleges discrimination at IIMB

DH News Service, Bangalore:

Security officers at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) allegedly denied permission to a project assistant to attend a function where the Danish Prime Minister was scheduled to deliver a lecture on Tuesday afternoon. Perwinder Singh, working as a Project Assistant for the past seven months at IIMB, was reportedly ill-treated by the security men though he had a valid invitation.

The reason for the denial was that Mr Singh carried the holy "Kirpaan". Mr Perwinder Singh charged that the denial amounted to a violation of Article 25 of the Indian Constitution.

Mr Singh appealed to the National Human Rights Commission to take suitable action against those concerned.

He narrated the incident: “I wanted to witness the lecture by Danish PM at the IIM-B auditorium in the afternoon.
At this time I was in the campus and doing my official work. At 2:15 pm, I moved to the auditorium. I was checked by security officers at the main gate of auditorium. After frisking me, they objected to the "Kirpaan" and wanted it to be removed. They warned me that if i didn't do so, I would not be allowed to attend the speech,” he stated.
He said that he tried to explain the meaning of Kirpaan - its rules and laws of Kirpaan (Kirpaan is one of the five articles of the faith required to be worn by all Amritdhari Sikhs.

The Kirpaan literally means "bringer of mercy" and represents the Sikh pledge to resist oppression and injustice but only in a defensive posture and never to attack anyone or to initiate a confrontation).

Finally, the explanation turned out to be invain as Mr Perwinder Singh wasn’t allowed to attend the function at IIMB.


(previously amarsanghera, account deactivated at t
Jun 7, 2006
if the security guards were indian security, they must be punished, as per rules.

if they were Dansish security, i am not sure what rules can apply

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