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Should I Become A Sikh For Love?


Mar 28, 2016
how do you feel about a man who makes the statement

that by giving up my Canadian Citizenship and taking up Indian Citizenship and becoming a bearded , turbaned Amritdhari Sikh is a symbol of my love for her

do you know anything about living with Sikh In laws? you do realise that if you are living with them, that you will have to defer to them as you would your own parents?

have you actually thought this through?
are you saying my future in laws would expect me to obey them 100?

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
not at all, once they have changed your appearance, your nationality, your religion, they will probably just leave you alone to have a happy life with their daughter! :)

swarn bains

Apr 9, 2012
love begets love. love is a fundamental to become divine. that is a sikh tenant. next is that you search your soul. what it says. her parents are not going to be with you forever. they may be testing how sincere you are. so do not worry what they or anyone else says. test your mind, whether it really wants. if you are in love and she is in love. then all other things are temporary. I do not know if you know or not. these are fundamentals of sikh religion. earn your living, share with needy and recite God.
next step is divinity. Sikh religious scripture sggs is a divine book, written by living people. it has no stories to learn from. there is nothing fake or pretension in it either. here are Godly rules mentioned in sggs. to become divine love, devotion, and dedication are the fundamental factors to become divine. But the most significant factor is a teacher the guru a divine or learned person. if you follow all above, you become divine. by the way sikh religion respects all other religions as well. rest is all social and conditional. so follow what your soul believes and wants to perform. thanks s s a my friend


May 9, 2006
You should only become a Sikh for love of Guru Ji.

It is a way of life, a spiritual and physical endeavour and commitment. I'm with Harry 100% on this.

Please don't make a mockery or a caricature of a way of life constructed in part out of the broken bodies of many honest devotees.

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