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Sikh News Shoot Out At Lokhandwala - Potraying Sikhs As Terrorists

Randip Singh

May 25, 2005
United Kingdom
I had the misfortune of seing part of this film on DVD and all I can say is that I was absolutely disgusted and flabberghasted at the opening sequences of this film. :eek:

It portrays Sikhs as terrorists and shows Sikhs being shot down in cold blood by Indian police officers, and then seems to show an approval for it. It really is a disgusting film and I had to switch it off. The fellow who is the main Hero, some officer by the name of Khan seems to relish shooting down Sikhs?

Given that there can be serious communual troubles in India due to films like this, what the hell were the Indian film board thinking when allowing a release for this?

The encounters involving Khan seeem to reek of untruths. I mean what the hell are Khalistani cells doing in Mumbai? Surely they would be better of doing their stuff in Punjab or around that area? Were they trying to make Mumbai into Khalistan? I think this fellow Khan rather than a hero was one of the corrupt Police officers that led to the killing and massacre of many Sikhs in 1984 after the death of Indira Gandhi. This film is a disgrace and I am surpised Sikhs have not done anything about it.
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