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Sikh News Shia Community Keen To Build Sikh Shrine In Iraq (Hindustan Times)


Jun 1, 2004
Shia community keen to build Sikh shrine in Iraq (Hindustan Times)*http%3A//,0008.htm
Wed, 12 Apr 2006 11:41:46 GMT
Fired by their zeal to repay a debt to the Sikhs, India's Shia community has embarked upon a mission to construct a Sikh shrine at Basra in Iraq in the honour of Sikhism founder and first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak.
Jul 30, 2004
Shias have brotherly relation with us.
often they have bombed the Jehadis to protect non Muslims from people misusing the name of Islam.
had Hazras not helped then US would have found it dificult to win in Afghanistan.So in Iraq also sotuhern Shias did help them.
Das wanted to say another strange thing over here,in many countries say till syria we have Shia in Majority but Sunnis rule them by oppresssion.when Shias will gain libration we may get true picture of Islam where we will find that thier percentage is more then sunnis.


Apr 14, 2006
actually brother in syria its the majorityof sunni,s only the ruler shia(ismaili)was the father of hafiz ul asad (now president )not sure about asad himself but we have our holy shrines there so majority of shia,s from around the world gather to pay their tribute on chehlum (40 days from the death day of imam hussain (a.s) we have lots of students studing in damascus

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