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Bhagats Shalok Sheikh Fareed Kae


super singh

"If I had to walk to meet my beloved and if my feet get tired. I will walk on my head. Why do you need to walk to your beloved. Your friend is already withing you. " --loose translation from SGGS.

"If you want to enter the court of Lord be like the grass. Someone will cut you and someone will stamp on you and in this way you will enter His court." --Loose translation from SGGS.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki fateh.

This is essentially what is said through out Gurbani in the Guru Granth sahib Jee.
The SADH/SANT/SATGUR/ that is mentioned in Gurbani is essentially AKAL PURAKH that is WITHIN all of us...HE is the FRIEND that we must look out for. The ancient rishis, sadhus, etc that left their homes to meditate in the Jungles, mountains etc to look for Akal purakh were basically following the wrong method because Guru Ji says Akal purakh was all along INSIDE US.
This is why Guru nanak sahib jee told us to get married ( live as householder grishtee) do Kirt Kamaii (honest labour) and Naam japp to "find" Akal purakh who is inside us and a part of his creation.

The Sadh/sangat when in PLURAL form is the congregation of Godly men/women/children...and when it is in the Singular..it is Akal purakh within us. The modern Sikh World is inundated with "fraudsters" who call themselves SANT/MAHAPURASH/SHRI 108, Shri 100008/Sadh etc and hoodwink the gullible that they are the "sant/sadh/satgur" mentioned in Gurbani. IN fact the QUALITIES of the Sant/sadh/satgur mentioned in GURBANI are SO STRINGENT that no human ( besides the GURUS ) can hope to attain this position. The fraudsters and kache pillay derawallahs who just want their own "sangat" chelas, advertise their santhood and quote liberally from the Sukhmani sahib to frighten people that to do "nindya" of a sant is one way street into HELL.
The stringent qualifications are proof enough that during the Guru sahibans time NOT a SINGLE SANT/SADH exists in History. ALL and Sundry are called BHAI / BABA only. From the venerated Baba Budha Ji, Bhai gurdass Ji, bhai mani Singh Ji, baba Banda Singh Ji bahadur, etc etc NOT one SANT !! the modern "Sant" started appearing in the 1920's...one by one and this has become a FLOOD today that is inundating us. Some of the more successful "sants" who have large followings have GRADUATED to becoming SATGUR/MAHARAJ JI and broken off to form their own sects ( Radha soami Beas, Nirankaris ) and some are on the way...like the Nanaksaris...

This is essentially becuse of misunderstanding Gurbani. Akal purakh is within US and we dont need any intermediary to look for him.

Dass jarnail Singh
Jul 13, 2004
Gyani Jarnail Singh said:
This is why Guru nanak sahib jee told us to get married ( live as householder grishtee)
Dear Gyani ji,
Off-topic: Were the Panj Pyare married? There is not much mention about their own lives before and after the Khalsa ceremony. Or could you please point out the resource for the same.

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