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Shabad Of The Month - Feb, 2006

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by Archived_Member16, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maaroo on Pannaa 1096

    pauVI ]
    jw qU myrY vil hY qw ikAw muhCMdw ]
    quDu sBu ikCu mYno sauipAw jw qyrw bMdw ]
    lKmI qoit n AwveI Kwie Kric rhMdw ]
    lK caurwsIh mydnI sB syv krMdw ]
    eyh vYrI imqR siB kIiqAw nh mMgih mMdw ]
    lyKw koie n puCeI jw hir bKsMdw ]
    Anµdu BieAw suKu pwieAw imil gur goivMdw ]
    sBy kwj svwirAY jw quDu BwvMdw ]7]

    pourree ||
    jaa thoo maerai val hai thaa kiaa muhashha(n)dhaa ||
    thudhh sabh kishh maino soupiaa jaa thaeraa ba(n)dhaa ||
    lakhamee thott n aavee khaae kharach reha(n)dhaa ||
    lakh chouraaseeh maedhanee sabh saev kara(n)dhaa ||
    eaeh vairee mithr sabh keethiaa neh ma(n)gehi ma(n)dhaa ||
    laekhaa koe n pushhee jaa har bakhasa(n)dhaa ||
    ana(n)dh bhaeiaa sukh paaeiaa mil gur govi(n)dhaa ||
    sabhae kaaj savaariai jaa thudhh bhaava(n)dhaa ||7||

    When You are on my side, Lord, what do I need to worry about?
    You entrusted everything to me, when I became Your slave.
    My wealth is inexhaustible, no matter how much I spend and consume.
    The 8.4 million species of beings all work to serve me.
    All these enemies have become my friends, and no one wishes me ill.
    No one calls me to account, since God is my forgiver.
    I have become blissful, and I have found peace, meeting with the Guru, the Lord of the Universe.
    All my affairs have been resolved, since You are pleased with me. ||7||

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