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Jun 17, 2004
SGPC to print literature in foreign languages and open missions abroad.

AMRITSAR – Ahead of its protest outside the US Embassy over the turban frisking issue on Thursday, the SGPC decided to make foreigners aware of the Sikhism by facilitating literature in different foreign languages apart from raising the issue with the UNO and all embassies in New Delhi.

Talking to the media after a SGPC executive meeting, SGPC president Avtar Singh said: “The turban frisking incident involving India’s envoy to UN Hardeep Puri has forced us to adopt a fresh approach to address our concerns over the issue. Therefore, we have decided to provide a detailed information about the Sikh identity, history, culture and five Ks (kesh, kangha, kada, kirpan and kachcha) to foreigners in their country and in their own language. We will come out with literature in languages like French, German, Spanish etc. We will also send brochures about the Sikh identity to the UN Secretary-General and all embassies in New Delhi.” He added that they would also send a memorandum to the UN Secretary-General and heads of the state of different countries.

In another significant move, he said the SGPC would set up Sikh missions in different countries, adding that it would also go a long way in clearing confusion over the Sikh identity. He said a high-level panel comprising Sikh intellectuals would be formed to make efforts for spreading the religion abroad. The panel would take care of the working of the missions. The SGPC president said they had made up their mind to acquire a piece of prime land in Washington to set up a Sikh mission there.

In yet another important move, he said they would acquire 2.5 acres being offered by Gurdwara Sahib Charlotte at North Carolina in the US for setting up the printing facility for Guru Granth Sahib. It will be the first such facility outside India. Earlier, the SGPC used to transport ‘birs’ of Guru Granth Sahib through chartered flights from the country.

The SGPC chief said their delegation, which is at present on a visit to the US and Canada, had physically verified the land being offered in Washington and North Carolina, and they would set the ball rolling for their acquisition as per the US norms once the delegation returned to India.

On a query, he denied that there had been any delay on the part of the SGPC in taking measures to make people aware of the turban issue post-9/11. “In fact, it was due to our efforts that murderous attack on Sikhs had stopped,” he claimed. He renewed his call to all Sikh organisations to reach New Delhi on December 23 for a protest outside the US Embassy.

He justified the protest stating that they simply wanted to convey their message and they would do it peacefully. “Had our letters to the PM over the issue made any impact, we would not have resorted to this step,” he added.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Why am I not excited ?? Becasue for NOW the SGPC and all that is under the thumb of the RSS...and it will be RSS tainted "Sikh literature" that will be flooding the world..funded by Sikh GOLUCKS....

SGPC would be better off if it spent Goluck billions on opening SIKH Colleges and Engineering Institutions in PUNJAB to generate employment ofr SIKH Youth at HOME. I saw a very well run Sikh Engineering College in Ludhiana..the Guru nanak dev Eng College run and funded by the Nankana Sahib Foundation and coperated by the Surrounding Villages so that RURAL SIKH CHILDREN cna get Engineering automative IT etc education affordably....THATS what we need NOW....Not multi million dollar "white Elephants" in Washington...

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
This observation by Giani Jarnail Singh Ji cannot be denied in any breath of honesty.I share the observations, but have so much more to add.

There are alrady settled large communities abroad.There are many communities now running into third and fourth and fifth generations bred and born abroad and most are also well related to their own culture , religion and Mother tongue.These are the people who are well equiped to spread and share the values of Sikhism and identity of Sikhism in their respective countries and at international level.

SGPC is not for one minute up to date, nor in touch with reallity abroad.Instead of finding excuses to make trips abroad, it should concentrate upon the attack by Christianity on its own Sikh poor in the Punjab and get that right , the intrusion of the RSS into Sikh politics and bodies,and hindunization of Sikhs , and the rapidly growing patitipoona of the Sikh identity among the rural Sikhs of the Punjab.

Someone ought to tell these self appointed leaders of the SGPC,you have no iota of intelligence , neither ettiquette to gauge the reallity of life facing Sikhs abroad , along with the challenges presented.You are wrapped in your little blankets , fit only to isssue unreal hukamnamas, and ostracizing Sikhs for the most stupidist of reasons- and are the real cause of decline of Sikh identity.

The other day, my own cousin who has risen to be a good cause mover for adoption of female children in our Village of BIR RAUKE< where the female foeticide rates have totally disappeared...stood making an appeal ....clean shaven and totally the name of the AKAL TAKHAT and the presence of the Jathedar- made me wonder ...

...Veer mera, Putt Akali'an da, Kare gall'an Sikhi dian, Duhaii akal takhat di, sath jathedar kaum da,shakkel Panditaan di, kaun sunega es pukaar nu?Duahaii ve duhaii... kithe gayi akal ehna di ?

My advice to SGPC is... do not stick your neck into affairs that do not concern you, and are out of your arm's you will make an ************of issues , the same as the mess made of the french turban case -by the self appointed WESTERN HEMISPHERE ADVISOR to the AKAL TAKHAT JS RAI; who has now also hijacked the BSCF his quest for fame and leadership.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Chaan Pardesi ji

You have a lot more to say on this issue - I can hear it basically. A longer essay with your reflective examples and explanations would serve the quom in many ways. The story of your cousin is a stark contrast to what is and is not happening. And indeed that is how Sikhi in its earliest days was formed - one person at a time doing the work that needed to be done for the sake of setting what was wrong right again, without any thought for the approval of authorities. This was a most uplifting comment for me to read as I signed in to SPN.

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