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    India SGPC To Make Foreigners Aware Of Sikh Tenets

    SGPC to print literature in foreign languages and open missions abroad. AMRITSAR – Ahead of its protest outside the US Embassy over the turban frisking issue on Thursday, the SGPC decided to make foreigners aware of the Sikhism by facilitating literature in different foreign languages apart...
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    Gurus Tenets Of Guru Gobind Singh (Dr. Baldev Singh)

    Guru Gobind Singh’s Tenets[/FONT] [/FONT] Chapter 8: Guru Gobind Singh’s Tenets[/FONT] [/FONT] I am not privy to Prof. Jakobsh’s early education. However, if her Ph.D. thesis is any indication of her past, then I can draw a picture: she had been a weak student all along. Either her...
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    Most Members Of Dalit Sect Don't Follow Sikh Tenets

    source: Most members of Dalit sect don't follow Sikh tenets - India - The Times of India Most members of Dalit sect don't follow Sikh tenets 27 May 2009, 0130 hrs IST - THE TIMES OF INDIA Was the fight inside a Sikh gurdwara? The fight was inside a Guru Ravidass temple in Vienna...