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United Sikhs Selfless Service To Continue In 2011 For The Children Of Haiti


Aug 17, 2010
World citizen!
Sikhs for Haiti: 2010 in Retrospect
Selfless Service to continue in 2011 for the Children of Haiti

* An year after the Earthquake, the work in Haiti continues
* UNITED SIKHS joins hands with the Sikh Community in Canada and USA to continue the work in Haiti for a better tomorrow
* UNITED SIKHS Urban Development team builds a school in Port-au-Prince in 2010 and an Orphanage planned for 2011

January 12, 2010 was a day of immense loss to Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas as per the Human Development Index. The Sikh community led by UNITED SIKHS responded with volunteers on the ground with immediate relief.

Year 2010
* Within 72 hours of the devastating earthquake, our Disaster Relief Team landed in Port-au-Prince with relief supplies.
* In the initial four month period, UNITED SIKHS sent over 85 volunteers, provided 4,000 hot meals daily to over 250,000 survivors.
* We delivered 15,000 kgs of dry food materials, 5,000 kgs of clothing, blankets, mattresses, toys and educational materials and set up tent shelters for over 1,000 families.
* Medical Teams established relations with Project Medishare reaching out to Haitians in make-shift clinics 24/7.
* Series of medical clinics for 800+ Haitians who had not received any medical attention even months after the initial earthquake.
* The Bangkok Sikh Sangat generously donated 20 Tons of Rice shipment . Distribution is underway in 2011.
* Our Urban Design and Development team built a community school in Carrefour- Paloma community, Haiti, in August 2010. The school has 4 classrooms with 120 students enrolled, we are funding the school’s operating expenses. Special thanks to the team: Ishmeet Singh, Dr Gurvinder Singh, and Saqib keval (San Francisco), Dharam Singh Khalsa (Espanola), Haiti UN employee, Harsharn Singh, L’Horisson Jean Lucson, L’Horisson Stephen, Antoine Petit, Haiti.

A year later, today, many Haitians still go without access to basic services such as access to hospital care despite the influx of over $1 billion in aid. According to several estimates, more than a million Haitians are still homeless. Per UNICEF, Haiti’s 4 million children continue to suffer from inequitable access to basic water, sanitation, healthcare, and education services and protection from disease, exploitation, and unsanitary conditions. Where a billion $ does not make a dent, Nishkam Seva by our volunteers goes a long way in bringing succor to the communities in Haiti.

We pledge our commitment to continue the work in Haiti, making a difference one brick at a time. Our efforts in Haiti are concentrated in Carrefour-Paloma.

* The UNITED SIKHS Urban Design Team has developed design proposals for schools, orphanages, and housing communities in various locations. We have also established partnerships with those organizations that also hold a commitment to humanitarian work.
* Project Nippes Orphanage for 150+ kids: The orphanage as conceived will expand into a vibrant community center for vocational training, sports facilities, and small scale agriculture. The design uses reinforced concrete domes to provide earthquake and hurricane resistant permanent shelters. This building type is fast and simple and well-suited for rapid construction by local community members.
* Jaipal Singh, Architect and Coordinator of the Urban Design and Development Team: “Our work in Haiti has only scratched the surface. This humanitarian mission in the name of Guru Nanak Sahib can only continue with the ongoing support of the Sikh sangat and devoted volunteers.”

Touching lives has its rewards. The note below is just one of the notes we receive on a regular basis... Touch a life, share a smile. Make a Donation for Haiti. Volunteer - help yourself by helping others!

A letter of thanks from Pastors Dieuseul & Jonas:
Dear friends,

At the beginning of this New Year, we want to thank you all you have done for our people after the earthquake and especially for us at FONTAMARA. You had fed our 800 of our people (more kids) at SILOE CHURCH.

We pray the Lord Jesus-Christ to flow upon you His grace, so you could have His joy, peace, and happiness.

Issued by:
Jaipal Singh
Email: sikhaid@unitedsikhs.org; contact@unitedsikhs.org
Ph: 1-905-672-2245 ( Canada)
1-888-243-1690 (USA)
1-646-688-3525 (USA)
+44 8701993328 (UK)

You can help those affected by countless crises around the world each year by making a financial gift to the UNITED SIKHS, which will provide immediate relief and support to those in need. Call 1-905-672-2245 or 1-888-243-1690 for more information. Contribute to UNITED SIKHS through local chapter in your country http://unitedsikhs.org/contact.php . Internet users can make a secure online contribution by visiting http://unitedsikhs.org/donate.php . If you wish to designate your donation to a specific disaster please do so at the time of your donation.

Follow us on Twitter Twitter. Connect on Facebook Facebook. Read Our Blog

* $25 provides educational toys for children who have none
* $50 provides simple bucket-water filtration system to fight Cholera
* $100 provides one child two meals a day for one full year
* $400 provides a single family 2x4 shelter from the tropical storms and overbearing heat.
* On an average, less than 5% of all donations have gone towards operating costs for UNITED SIKHS Urban Design and Development Work.

* Medical Assistance and Supplies
* Medical doctors, Nurses to spend two or more weeks in Haiti
* Temporary Shelter Material, Tents
* Volunteer teachers who can spend couple of months in Haiti
* Construction and Urban development volunteers

Contact Us
You can help those affected by countless crises around the world each year by making a financial gift to the UNITED SIKHS, which will provide immediate relief and support to those in need. You may donate online at www.unitedsikhs.org/donate or send your donations to a UNITED SIKHS office nearest to you, whose details can be found at http://unitedsikhs.org/contact.php.

Ronald Michel, a local Haitian who operates the Carrefour School : “A big hello to all the members of UNITED SIKHS. We want to thank you for building the school. Students, teachers, and all staff are doing well. Every day 2 or 3 students are added to the school and the community feels assured by the quality of services we offer. It makes us proud. Thank you for your commitment.”

Bikramjit Singh Sandhar, President of Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Surrey, BC:" We want to build school and health care centers to provide better standard of living to people of Haiti. The entire Sikh community is dedicated to this cause and we've all come together with UNITED SIKHS to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti"

Ishmeet Singh, Project Manager for UNITED SIKHS: “Our support to Carrefour –Paloma doesn’t end here. We are committed to ensuring that this school functions smoothly and provide continued support in any form as needed.”

To transform underprivileged and minority communities and individuals into informed and vibrant members of society through civic, educational and personal development programs, by fostering active participation in social and economic activity.

UNITED SIKHS is also an avenue for networking between like-minded organisations to establish and nurture meaningful projects and dialogues - whether social, cultural or political- to promote harmony, understanding and reciprocity in our villages, towns and cities.

UNITED SIKHS is a coalition of organisations and individuals, who share a common vision based on the belief that there is no greater endeavour than to serve, empower and uplift fellow beings. The core of our philosophy is an unwavering commitment to civic service and social progress on behalf of the common good.

Accordingly, UNITED SIKHS has sought to fulfil its mission not only by informing, educating and uplifting fellow beings but also by participating in cross-cultural and political exchanges to ensure that the promises and benefits of democracy are realized by all.

We at UNITED SIKHS believe that the development of enlightened and progressive societies can be made possible by socially conscious groups of people who make a commitment to develop and direct human potential. Our work, efforts and achievements stand as a testament to our faith in this vision.


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