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  1. R

    India Bank Spends 5 Lakh, 9 Yrs To Deny 9 Lakh For Voluntary Retirement Scheme

    Bank spends 5L, 9 yrs to deny 9L VRS CUnnikrishnan TNN Mumbai: The Central Bank of India spent Rs 5.33 lakh in a 10-year legal battle to avoid paying Rs 9.5 lakh as retirement benefit to an employee on the grounds that she died two days before they cleared her name for the voluntary...
  2. findingmyway

    United Sikhs Selfless Service To Continue In 2011 For The Children Of Haiti

    Sikhs for Haiti: 2010 in Retrospect Selfless Service to continue in 2011 for the Children of Haiti Highlights: * An year after the Earthquake, the work in Haiti continues * UNITED SIKHS joins hands with the Sikh Community in Canada and USA to continue the work in Haiti for a better...
  3. spnadmin

    Youths Recognised For Voluntary Efforts In Punjab, India

    Youths recognised for voluntary efforts in Punjab, India Channel NewsAsia - Youths recognised for voluntary efforts in Punjab, India - channelnewsasia.com SINGAPORE : Twenty youth volunteers from Singapore gave a school - which was poorly maintained, with little or no electricity - a...