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Seek Liberation Before Death

Oct 21, 2009
siqgur pRswid ] (93-1)
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:​

ry nr grB kuMfl jb AwCq aurD iDAwn ilv lwgw ] (93-2, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

O man, when you were coiled in the cradle of the womb, upside-down, you were absorbed in meditation.

imrqk ipMif pd md nw Aihinis eyku AigAwn su nwgw ] (93-2, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

You took no pride in your perishable body; night and day were all the same to you-you lived unknowing, in the silence of the void.

qy idn sMmlu kst mhw duK Ab icqu AiDk pswirAw ] (93-3, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Remember the terrible pain and suffering of those days, now that you have spread out the net of your consciousness far and wide.

grB Coif imRq mMfl AwieAw qau nrhir mnhu ibswirAw ]1] (93-4, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Leaving the womb, you entered this mortal world; you have forgotten the Lord from your mind. ||1||

iPir pCuqwvihgw mUiVAw qUM kvn kumiq BRim lwgw ] (93-4, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Later, you will regret and repent-you fool! Why are you engrossed in evil-mindedness and skepticism?

cyiq rwmu nwhI jm puir jwihgw jnu ibcrY AnrwDw ]1] rhwau ] (93-5, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Think of the Lord, or else you shall be led to the City of Death. Why are you wandering around, out of control? ||1||Pause||

bwl ibnod icMd rs lwgw iKnu iKnu moih ibAwpY ] (93-6, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

You play like a child, craving sweets; moment by moment, you become more entangled in emotional attachment.

rsu imsu myDu AMimRqu ibKu cwKI qau pMc pRgt sMqwpY ] (93-6, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Tasting good and bad, you eat nectar and then poison, and then the five passions appear and torture you.

jpu qpu sMjmu Coif suik®q miq rwm nwmu n ArwiDAw ] (93-7, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Abandoning meditation, penance and self-restraint, and the wisdom of good actions, you do not worship and adore the Lord's Name.

auCilAw kwmu kwl miq lwgI qau Awin skiq gil bWiDAw ]2] (93-7, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

You are overflowing with sexual desire, and your intellect is stained with darkness; you are held in the grip of Shakti's power. ||2||

qrux qyju pr iqRA muKu johih sru Apsru n pCwixAw ] (93-8, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

In the heat of youthful passion, you look with desire upon the faces of other men's wives; you do not distinguish between good and evil.

aunmq kwim mhw ibKu BUlY pwpu puMnu n pCwinAw ] (93-9, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Drunk with sexual desire and other great sins, you go astray, and do not distinguish between vice and virtue.

suq sMpiq dyiK iehu mnu gribAw rwmu irdY qy KoieAw ] (93-9, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Gazing upon your children and your property, your mind is proud and arrogant; you cast out the Lord from your heart.

Avr mrq mwieAw mnu qoly qau Bg muiK jnmu ivgoieAw ]3] (93-10, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

When others die, you measure your own wealth in your mind; you waste your life in the pleasures of the mouth and sexual organs. ||3||

puMfr kys kusm qy Dauly spq pwqwl kI bwxI ] (93-11, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Your hair is whiter than the jasmine flower, and your voice has grown feeble, as if it comes from the seventh underworld.

locn sRmih buiD bl nwTI qw kwmu pvis mwDwxI ] (93-11, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Your eyes water, and your intellect and strength have left you; but still, your sexual desire churns and drives you on.

qw qy ibKY BeI miq pwvis kwieAw kmlu kumlwxw ] (93-12, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

And so, your intellect has dried up through corruption, and the lotus flower of your body has wilted and withered.

Avgiq bwix Coif imRq mMfil qau pwCY pCuqwxw ]4] (93-12, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

You have forsaken the Bani, the Word of the Immortal Lord, in this mortal world; in the end, you shall regret and repent. ||4||

inkutI dyh dyiK Duin aupjY mwn krq nhI bUJY ] (93-13, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Gazing upon the tiny bodies of your children, love has welled up within your heart; you are proud of them, but you do not understand.

lwlcu krY jIvn pd kwrn locn kCU n sUJY ] (93-13, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

You long for the dignity of a long life, but your eyes can no longer see anything.

Qwkw qyju auifAw mnu pMKI Gir AWgin n suKweI ] (93-14, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Your light has gone out, and the bird of your mind has flown away; you are no longer welcome in your own home and courtyard.

byxI khY sunhu ry Bgqhu mrn mukiq ikin pweI ]5] (93-14, sRIrwgu, byxI jIau)

Says Baynee, listen, O devotee: who has ever attained liberation after such a death? ||5||
Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Q: How can one attain salvation?

A: In order to attain salvation one must live a honest life and meditate on God. Sikhism shows the way to attain salvation and become One with God. Sikhism instructs that you do not have to fast, abstain, go on renunciation or enter a monastery in order to meet God. All you have to do is have faith, recite the Name of God and remember Him for each possible moment.

Sikh Gurus themselves got married and lived a family life and showed everyone that you can meet God while living a family life. Furthermore, Sikh Gurus said that your mind has to be detached from this world, you have to look this world as a temporary place, you will not be here forever, one day you will have to die. What you do while you are alive is critical, so make your decisions wisely. Furthermore, you do not have to detach yourself from this world physically, you can lead a normal family life and still be able to meet God.

The life to lead in order to attain salvation is clearly explained by Guru Granth Sahib Ji and translated as follows:

"Those who meditate on God attain salvation. For them, the cycle of birth and death is eliminated" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 11). "He has given you a body, wealth, property, peace and beautiful mansions. Nanak says, listen mind: why don't you remember God and meditate on Him? The Lord is the provider of all peace and comfort. There is no other at all. Nanak says, listen mind: salvation is attained by meditating on Him" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1426).

"One who is not touched by pleasure, pain, greed, emotional attachment and egotistical pride. Nanak says, listen mind: he is the very image of God. One who is beyond praise and slander, and looks upon gold and iron alike. Nanak says, listen mind: know that such a person attains salvation. One who is not affected by pleasure or pain, and looks upon friend and enemy alike. Nanak says, listen mind: know that such a person attains salvation" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1427).

The one who does not terrorize anyone and neither is afraid of anybody. The one who leaves all the materialistic things, renounces wealth and have detached himself from this world. The one who recites the name of God day and night, Nanak says, that person is the one who knows what is salvation, that person becomes spiritually aware, that is the person whose future is bright and that person becomes the image of Lord. Then there remains no difference between God and that individual, just like a drop of water merges in the ocean, and one attains salvation.
Oct 21, 2009
Who wrote this translation? Which is the best English translation of the SGGS?
The translation is by Sant Singh Khalsa and can be down loaded from The best is the commentary of Dr. Sahib singh.It is also available on internet. You may like to Google it out. I think it should be the best.It should also be available at Kindly search the site. You will get variety of resources.

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