Sikh News Scotland: 15-year-old Sikh Boy 'humiliated' In Racist Outrage

CRIME SCENE: The gang of teenage thugs set upon the Sikh boy near the city's Pilrig Park School
Picture: Colin Hattersley

15-year-old boy 'humiliated' in racist outrage


A SIKH teenager had his hair cut and was kicked and punched to the ground in a terrifying attack by racist yobs.

The 15-year-old Edinburgh boy was on his way to see relatives when four white teenagers attacked him in Pilrig Park, near to Pilrig Park School.

According to their religion Sikh men are not even allowed to trim their hair, but during the attack the thugs cut off the Asian youngster's long hair with a knife.
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The assault also caused his bandana, which the yobs may have been mistaken for a turban, to fall off.

The boy was walking towards the Balfour Place entrance of the park when the gang began to shout racist abuse at him.

He carried on walking but the youths set on him, punching and kicking him to the ground.

The victim also suffered bruising and swelling to his nose and both cheeks, and soreness to his left shoulder and ribs.

After the attack, which took place at 7.30pm, the teenagers fled across the park into Pilrig Street, and on towards Leith Walk.

The victim made his way home before his family called the police.

They offered to call an ambulance but the boy, who lives in the area, declined medical attention.

However, the unprovoked attack has left the youngster shocked and upset.
A police spokesman said: "This was an extremely distressing attack on a young member of our community and we would appeal to anyone who has information to contact the police."
Rav Singh, vice president of the Sikh temple, in Sheriff Brae, Leith, said: "This was a very bad experience for the young lad. A knife was pulled out. He did not know what was going to happen.
"He was afraid they were going to kill him and he just closed his eyes and hoped for the best.
"This is the first time something like this has happened in Edinburgh in my 50 years living in the city.
"It will make parents more cautious when they allow their children to go out at night.

"We just hope the people who did this will be caught and punished by law."
Nina Giles, director of the Edinburgh and Lothians Racial Equality Council, said: "This was a mindless attack.

"It's appalling that knowing how sensitive Sikhs are about their hair these boys chose to cut his off.

"He will be traumatised by that. It will have been an horrific experience for this young man."

Police have released descriptions of the gang members, who are all believed to be 16 years old.

One is 5ft 10ins tall, has brown eyes and was wearing dark Adidas tracksuit bottoms, a dark hoodie, and a dark beanie hat, which may also have been Adidas.

Another had a gold hoop ear piercing in his right ear. He was wearing a black Helly Hansen jacket and a dark beanie hat.

The third was also wearing dark clothing while the fourth youth is described as having blue eyes, a long, sharp nose, and a small patch of beard on his chin. He was wearing a dark-coloured Adidas tracksuit and a white beanie hat.
Two months ago, there was another violent racist incident in nearby Leith Walk. A youth hurled abuse at an Asian woman pushing a pram, then hit out at a passer-by who tried to stop him.

• Anyone with information about yesterday's assault in Pilrig Park should call Gayfield Square Police Station on 0131-620 5125.