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Sawaîyyey Patishahi-10

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by kds1980, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Apr 4, 2005
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    Jâgat Jot(i) japai nis bâsur
    ek binâ man naik n ânai.
    Pûran prem pratît sajai,
    bart, gor, marhî, matt bhûl n mânai.
    Tîrath dân dayâ tap sanjam,
    ek binâ neh ek pachhânai.
    Pûran jot(i) jagai ghat mai(n),
    tab khâlas tâhey nkhâlas jânaî.
    Difficult Words : Jâgat Jot(i)–awakened and effulgent; Nis
    Bâsur–night and day; Ek binâ–except one lord; Naik–even a bit;
    Sajai–adores; Bart–fasting; Gor–grave; Marhî–a memorial built
    at the site of cremation; Matt–math; Tîrath–places of pilgrimage;
    Dayâ–on the name of kindness but is not even remotely
    connected with kindness, a ritual done in the name of nonviolence;
    Tap–putting body through strenuous ordeals for
    attainment of salvation (remaining hungry, sitting with fire
    surrounding all around, standing in cold waler for hours etc.);
    Sanjam–restraint, continence; Pûran jot(i)–light effulgence of
    Lords knowledge; Jagai–awakened spiritually; Ghat mai(n)–in
    the mind; Nkhâlas–absolutely pure.
    Meanings : In this sawaiyya, Satguru Ji explains us the
    characteristics of an ideal person; a Khâlsâ of his
    perception. He states that such a person keeps his mind
    focused on the memory of the Lord who is radiant in the
    whole Universe, and is fully conscious. Such a person does
    not worship any other master leaving the Supreme Lord.
    He holds total faith on Him and adores his mind with Lords
    33 Sawaiyyey (Steek)

    effulgent qualities. Such a person never fasts, does not
    worship graves, memorials and accepts such other worthless
    means. He does not believe in pilgrimages and fake
    expressions of kindness, charity, penances and restraints
    under taken by other religionists. The divine light of Lord’s
    loves and knowledge remains kindled in his heart all the
    time. Such a person is an ideal Khâlsâ and he alone can
    be called a blemishless Khâlsâ.
    It is clear that :
    (a) A Khâlsâ does not hold faith on anyone except
    (b) He adopts love of God as the only means of His
    (c) He does not keep faith on any memorials,
    pilgrimage, giving away illgotten wealth in alms
    and charity, does not put his body in strenuous
    tests as means of reaching God. He does not
    encourage or praise a person even a little who
    indulges in such un-natural and worthless acts
    which have no relationship with spirituality.
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