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Satguru destroys paaps (sins)


May 28, 2024
Vedicism professed that sins can be erased by rituals such as bathing in pilgrimage sites, or worship rituals. In the west, indulgences/Sins could be erased by paying money/charity to the church

The writers of gurubani give us the "satguru prasad" way of destroying our sins. It is accessible to anyone at anytime and requires no pilgrimages, austerities or "charitable donations". Best of all, there is no confession of guilt.

"Paapaan da naas" (destruction of sins) can only be done with the help of Satguru.

Satguru throws paaps/sins out of our ghar/ house/mind.

He does this by freeing you of bharam (false superstitious beliefs). These bharam introduce fear by giving rise to sin and virtues.

Paap and Punn (sins and virtues) are both produced by bharam. The priest first introduces the bharam, and when you believe the bharam creates sins and virtues based on that bharam to monetarily benefit from your fear of an afterlife of hell.

The gurmukh does not live in fear of sin and virtue. They are thrown out of his mind/house.

On page 325 of SGGS bhagat kabir says.

jot kee jaat jaat kee jotee.

The creation is born of the Light, and the Light is in the creation. (We are all part of akaal purakh)

{censored} laagay kanchoo-aa fal motee. ||1||

It bears two fruits: falsehood and truth

kavan so ghar jo nirbha-o kahee-ai.

Where is that home (mind), which is free of fear?

bhao bhaj jaaay abhai hoay rahee-ai. ||1|| rahaa-o.

if fear can is thrown out, we can then live fearlessly ||1||Pause||

tat tirath nahee man patee-aa-ay.

On the banks of sacred pilgrimage rivers, the mind is not freed of sins

chaar achaar rahay urjhaa-ay. ||2||

People remain entangled in the four vedas ||2||

paap punn du-ay ayk samaan.

Sin and virtue are identical

nij ghar paaras tajahu gun aan. ||3||

In the home of your own being, is the Philosopher's Stone; renounce your search for any other virtue. ||3||

kabeer nirgun naam na ros.

Kabeer: their is no sadness when one connects with the naam

is parchaa-ay parach rahu ays. ||4||9||

He stays entertained and entertains you as well