Saraibooking · Planning Our Pilgrimage


We spend so much of money in building gurudwaras and still when you are travelling to a city or a country and looking forward for very basic information about the sarai like -

1) Whom to contact for the sarai booking ?
2) Are there any rooms available on that date ?
3) What facilities are there in the sarai - bedding , fan , aircon , blanket , rajai , locks , water , toilet etc?
4) Are there any charges to be paid ?
5) For how many days can you stay there for free?
6) Can you get a confirmation for your booking for the dates you are travelling?
etc etc

You don't get that information despite hours spent on surfying hundreds of sikhs websites on the internet or calling up friends and relatives repeatedly to help you.

Hence a need for a focussed group where you can just post the information you want and some sikh worldwide may respond to your query with details which can help you make your darshan of the gurudwara a lot more comfortable and relaxed. This will help sikhs worldwide .

Click on the link below and join for more information