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Sects Sant Nirankari Mission

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Jun 18, 2010
The Sant Nirankari Mission is an all embracing spiritual movement, cutting across all divisions of caste, color, and creed.

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It firmly believes that the realization of God is the real objective of human life and this can be achieved only through the benevolence of the living true master: the Satguru..

The realization of God not only maintains balance between spirituality and materialism in day to day life, but also takes a person to the cherished achievement of brotherhood of mankind which leads to peaceful coexistence.

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The Mission also emphasizes the need and importance of the company of fellow enlightened beings (Satsang) and selfless service to humanity (Sewa).

History | Baba Buta Singh Ji (1873-1943)

" I sacrifice my all to the man who is eager,
within and without to realise God."

Inclined towards God since childhood

The founder of the Sant Nirankari Mission, Baba Buta Singh Ji was born in the year 1873 at Village Hudwal, Distt. Kaimalpur (Pakistan) in the family of Shri Bishan Singh Ji and Smt. Mayawanti Ji.He had spiritual leaning from the very childhood and had developed a special aptitude for reciting Gurbani (holy verses from the Adi Granth).

Meeting True Master…his Satguru

On a day in 1913, Baba Buta Singh was singing at a congregation. With tears in his eyes, he sang: Mohan ghar aavo, haun karon jodariya (O Lord, come home, I humbly entreat.).Those sitting in the congregation were enjoying the delightful recitation. One of them, Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji, who was also listening to Baba Buta Singh Ji with rapt attention, noted the repetition of the above line.

Meeting with Avtar Singh Ji – foundation of Sant Nirankari Mission

The Sant Nirankari Mission had its formal beginning on May 25, 1929, the day when Baba Avtar Singh Ji received God-knowledge from Baba Buta Singh Ji and joined him in taking the spiritual light to as many people as possible.

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All edited content cut by spnadmin. Proselytizing is not permitted. To clarify for readers. The Satguru within Sikhism does not incarnate, and the final guru is Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Thank you


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Are you sure you are not proselytizing nirgun.data ji?

Some members and leaders think we have been too negative toward dissenting views. Others say we are not tough enough. It is true that we would like to be welcoming to all regardless of sect or religion. But it is hard to do that if Terms of Services are violated. No Proselytizing.

So, I have had to edit part of your comments.

The other thing needed to mention is that the subject of Nirankari may stir up some huge passions here. So do not be surprised if the thread is heavily moderated. Particularly since Guru Maneyo Granth is taken very seriously at SPN. There is only one everlasting Guru, not in human form.

Thank you.
Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
"The Fanatic Sant Nirankari Cult baits their fellow Sikhs"

With the Fanatic "Sant Nirankari" Sect, Indira Gandhi hoped to destroy Sikh unity by attempting to rip apart the fabric of the Sikh religion. In the 1970s, she gave their leader, Gurbachan, a diplomatic passport so that he could travel the world and spread his blasphemous "preaching".

The Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji belittled

He openly declared that he would put his foot on the Guru Granth Sahib, claimed that the 11th Guru was just a bundle of papers and that he was the real Guru. These "Nirankaris" were first thought of as a menace but ignored, then in Vaisakhi 1978, they held a procession shouting filthy slogans against the Satguru and shouting insults at the Sikh religion. About 125 GurSikhs decided to hold a peaceful protest against the procession of Nirankaris. The Nirankaris had named themselves Bibi Nanaki ji, Bhagat Kabir ji and other names to insult Sikhs. The Nakali Nirankari leader said that Guru Gobind Singh made the Panj Pyarai (5 beloved ones) and so he would make sat sitarai (7 stars).

Bloody Massacre at Amritsar, Vaisakhi 1978

On 13th April 1978 sikhs gathered at Amritsar for the Vasakhi celebrations. Kirtan had started from Amrit Vela and at about 10 o'clock a message was received. The message said that the followers of Nakali Nirankari Gurbachan Singh were holding a procession in Amritsar and were shouting slogans against the Satguru and shouting insults against the Sikh religion.

All the Sikh Sangat knew very well that the Nakali Nirankaris had been doing these things for the past few years. The Nirankaris had given degrading names to some GurSikhs including Mata Tripta Ji, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Bibi Nanaki Ji, Baba Budha Ji, Bhai Lalo Ji, Bhagat Kabir Ji. They called the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji a bundle of papers, and they called Kar Sewa, Bikar Sewa. The Nakali Nirankari leader said that Guru Gobind Singh Ji had made 5 Panj Pyarai, I shall make 7. Once he had even dared to place his foot on the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Bhai Fauja Singh heard the news from the loudspeaker when he was kneading dough for the langar. He washed his hands and rushed to the congregation. He delivered a short speech, explaining the dire situation and drew a line, as had Baba Deep Singh long ago, asking for those who are willing to receive martyrdom to cross it. Bhai Joginder Singh Talwara asked children and women not to go. However many "Bibian" still insisted on going. After performing Ardas, the Gursikhs bowed before the Satguru and went off to Ramdas Niwas.

Upon reaching Ramdas Niwas they found that the procession had finished. The Gursikhs then decided that they should go to the place where the Nirankaris had gathered and do a peaceful protest against the insults shouted at the Satguru. It is known that some of the Sikhs of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and the Bhindra (Damdami Taksal) Jatha reached the Reego Bridge near Gobind Gar, where they were stopped by the police authorities. The Singhs told the police about the insults shouted at the Sikh Gurus and the Sikh Religion in the procession, and which were still being shouted at their gathering which was still in progress.

The insults could be heard clearly from where they were standing. They told the police that they wanted to do a protest against the organisers of the gathering about the shouting of these insults. A police officer told the Singhs that he would go and stop the Nirankaris and for them to remain there. The police officer went to where the Nirankaris had gathered and the Sikhs waited for 30 minutes for him to return. On his return there were more policemen with him. Joshi D.S.P told the Jatha of Singhs to go back and that the meeting had finished a long time ago.

But, even then, the violence provoking speeches could be heard over the Sant Nirankari's loudspeakers. It was then that about 5-6000 uniformed Nirankaris carrying rifles, guns, spears, swords, sticks and even bows and arrows rushed the 2-300 unarmed Jatha of Singhs and within seconds attacked adding stones, acid bottles, hand-made bombs to the weapons already mentioned. The Singhs that were hit with bullets fell to the ground were they were butchered with swords, spears and axes. When the ground became covered with bodies of the dead and wounded, the police fired tear gas, but even that was towards the Jatha of Singhs, so the Nirankaris received even more help and the Singhs received even more injuries.

Bhai Fauja Singh was fired upon by the Superintendent of Police, who emptied his 32-calibre pistol into Bhai Fauja Singh`s chest. These were not the only bullets Fauja Singh was to receive that day, but he kept standing, uttering only "Waheguru". Two Sikhs attempted to carry the still breathing and chanting Bhai Fauja Singh to the hospital for treatment, but those two were arrested by the Police. Bhai Fauja Singh`s body was taken by the Police and put into the "Dead Wagon". Again, another Sikh came upon Bhai Fauja Singh and found him breathing as he contiued to utter "Waheguru". He attempted to help, but half an hour later, when Bibi Amarjit Kaur arrived, Bhai Sahib had attained martyrdom.


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
The 1978 Vasakhi Massacre was the Preamble to Operation Bluestar 6 years later...and the Fourth Wadda Ghallughara that played on till the 1990s to empty the villages of Punjab of all Amrtidharee Sikh youths.

The Sant Nirankaris also called the NARAKDHREES (Demons from Hell) HIJACKED the name and Noble ideals of the REAL NIRANKARIS (Baba DARBARA SINGH NIRANKARI 1870's) who began the Renaissance in Sikhi that later became the Singh Sabha Lehr...leading to the 1920 Gurdwara Sudhaar Lehr..Firts steps towards Indian Independence.....formation of the SGPC, the Shiromani Akali Dal and the Akal Takhat as Fountain head of Sikh Political Power that led to the Akali Dal as the Ruling Party in Punjab after the formation of the Punjabi Suba....and then to 1978..and 1984....
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