Sant Kaun? Who Is Saint?

I have not seen the above video yet but will see at night.

What I want to say is there should be any independent and unbiased enquiry into who these "Sants","Mahapurakhs","Brahm Gyanis","Pooran Brahm Gyanis","108","111" etc in Punjab are ?

What is there source of income?
When,How and by whom were they bestowed these titles ?
Are these "Mahapurakhs" free from any case registered against them or are they like Dhanwant saadh(rapist),Chicago wala saadh(womaniser) etc who bribed the Akal Takht to get exonerated ?

It is a shame that the same newspaper which at one time used to give "press notes" and "spashtikarans" by various kharkoo jathebandis is now having 4 to 6 pages ! of advts of these "Gyanis" and "Pooran Gyanis".This in turn is encouraging so called "Sikh derawaad" where a lot of Manmatt practices are taking place.

Brajinder Hamdard was once made some director during badal's last tenure,perhaps that is why Hamdard "ohna ehsaana daa badla chukaa reha hai" .

Saadh laana had taken the Sikh kaum for guaranted for a long time but now they are exposed in Punjab.Soon their dukaans will also start closing but to prevent this the saadh laana may even resort to violence.

We must not forget that it was Ajit which carried a full page advt of Saudha saad Gurmit Ram Rahim for some bucks which spoilt the whole atmosphere in Punjab.

Actually amongst the more popular punjabi newspapers in Punjab are :

Ajit which is tilted towards Badal/BJP/Derawaad
Spokesman which is tilted towards Sarna/Amrinder/anti Derawaad

We read both these newspapers but draw our own conclusions on each news item.We dont know when or ever will we have a completely unbiased and free from political influence newspaper in Punjab or not.

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