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  1. Dr. D. P. Singh

    Truthful Being (Sachiara) - Concept and its Relevance in Global Context

    Truthful Being (Sachiara) - Concept and its Relevance in Global Context Dr. Devinder Pal Singh All of us want to live a fulfilled life, and all our actions are directed towards this purpose. There is always a nagging feeling in our hearts as if there is some need, and we wish to...
  2. R

    Regarding touch any human being’s feet

    In SGGS or Gurbani, where it is written that “ Sikh should not bow and touch any human being’s feet particularly of a Saint”?
  3. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Saint-hood And The Sikh Faith

    Sainthood and the Sikh faith Recently Sardar Mahinder Singh Khaira, a learned person and writer from UK asked me to clarify the Sikh position on the issue of saint-hood. Reproduced below is what I wrote to him in reply. Would you say I gave him the right advice? The theory of...
  4. S

    Gurmat Chanan

    bani Guru hai bani vich bani amrit sare gurbani khae sewak jan manea prtakh guru nistare shabad gurbani enlighten us ....but we can't get knowledge about shabad gurbani unless we meet some enlighten person. some ktrrpanthi's say bad things about "saints" ..but those kttrrpanthis are ingnorant...
  5. H

    How Does A Scientist And Saint Differ? From Sikh Point Of View By Maskeen Ji

    To begin with quotes from Gur Granth Sahib ji by Guru Ramdas: Piyo daade ka khol deetha khazana, Tan mere man pye nidhana, To understand, anything and everything in true manner, one has to read, and understand Gurbaani. Gurbaani is like a box full of...
  6. arshdeep88

    Saint And Soldier

    Sat Sri akal to all :) A key aspect to being a sikh is SAINT and SOLDIER at the same time. what does the word Saint and soldier means in our daily practical lives?How the two are to be balanced and how much responsibility plays a key role in balancing the duo?Is one incomplete without the...
  7. S

    What Is A Real Sant?

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji kee fateh, I'm not sure if im posting this in the right thread, since I'm new to this site, butttt...... What makes the difference between a normal person and a sant? Like, what are the qualities of a sant, and the things that make them stand out...
  8. spnadmin

    Christianity Catholic Saint Selection: It's Complicated

    By Kim Lawton Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly NEW YORK (RNS) Pope John Paul II will move one step closer to sainthood when he is beatified during an elaborate Vatican ceremony on Sunday (May 1). While the Roman Catholic Church has held up heroes, patrons, intercessors and spiritual companions for...
  9. spnadmin

    The Nature Of A Saint, The Will Of A Lion (Gurdarshan Gary Mangat)

    The nature of a saint, the will of a lion Williams Lake’s Gurdarshan Gary ‘Saint Lion’ Mangat proudly wears the Battlefield Fight League featherweight championship belt after becoming the first Sikh in the history of mixed martial arts to win a featherweight title. Mangat, who graduated from...
  10. spnadmin

    Christianity Thomas Aquinas: Saint Of Evolutionary Psychologists?

    In 1975, Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson created a firestorm when, in his book Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, he argued that human nature might be explainable in evolutionary terms. Centuries earlier, however, a leading Christian scholar was already applying many key evolutionary principles to...
  11. spnadmin

    What Saint Or Holy Figure Has Inspired You The Most?

    What saint or holy figure has inspired you the most? FaithfulNews : What saint or holy figure has inspired you the most? - Ottawa Citizen Now this is a tall order! After all, we are talking about, in my case, a 2,000-year religious tradition. Today, Christianity girdles the globe...
  12. Vikram singh

    Sexual Torment Of A Saint (New Book Reveals Gandhi Shared His Bed)

    To the world he was the spiritual leader of India's independence movement, a pioneer of non-violent resistance and father of the Indian nation. Read more: A new book reveals Gandhi tortured himself with the young women who worshipped him, and often shared his bed | Mail Online
  13. R

    Staying A Saint In Politics Tough----Sonia

    Staying a saint in politics tough: Sonia Soniaji, When you know that the most difficult job is being a saint in politics ! Then why you are wasting your and your family's time and energy in politics. You should force all the wicked person to sit home and should not indulge in dirty politics...
  14. Admin

    Sant Kaun? Who Is Saint?

    Sant Kaun? Who is Saint? by S. Gurbax Singh Bains YouTube- SANT KAUN? Presented by: Gurbax Singh Bains
  15. Admin

    Nanak The Saint, Nanak The Warrior

    Many Sikhs like to draw differences between Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh, citing that Nanak was peaceful, while Gobind was violent. In the first place, there was nothing violent about Guru Gobind Singh Ji – he was a warrior that fought without anger (that begets violence). How can a...
  16. S

    God, Master, Guru, Saint, Godman, Lord: 'ALL THE SAME'

    A Master, Guru, Godman or Saint: What do we mean by these terms? These are those souls, which are already merged with Waheguru, Lord, God; SO THERE REMAIN NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM AND GOD and they are present on the Earth to show the suffering humanity the way to merge with the same God...
  17. S

    Who Is A Saint And How To Recognise Him?

    In the Granth sahib ji ,lot Of importance is given to the Saints but how to recognise and how to seek the company of such persons is the question. May be you can answer. *************************************** lwlu gulwlu ghbrw scw rMgu cVwau ] (18-11, isrIrwgu, mÚ 1) Like the poppies, they...
  18. S

    Role Of Sangat In Panth

    Section III How is a Sant produced? Sri Naranjan Singh Ji used to say that, just as an almond has a kernel and a shell, the same way, Naam (Waheguru hidden inside everyone and everywhere) is the kernel, everything else (including religion, theology, and philosophy) is just the shell. pl...
  19. Admin

    The Saint Of Pingalwara - Bhagat Puran Singh

    The Saint of Pingalwara Bhagat Puran Singh At Pingalwara, in Amritsar and elsewhere in the area, the wondrous legacy of Bhagat Puran Singh lives on. We share some first-person accounts of this multi-dimensional personality, one of the true saints of our times. As Professor Pritam Singh of...
  20. Astroboy

    Who Is A Saint?

    Two saints in my books:- Welcome... Beings of Light - Super Model Bhagat Puran Singh