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SikhRI Sample Lesson Plan From The Sohji Curriculum: Good Faith Backed By Superior Pedagogy


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
About SikhRI and the Sojhi Curriculum,

Gurmat or Pañjābī schools have become the primary method of imparting the Sikh spirit, ideology, values, and history to the youth. They have done a remarkable job in maintaining our children’s connection to their culture, traditions, and language. However, if the desired outcome of these institutions is to inspire the majority of the Sikh youth to follow the teachings of the Gurū’s, then most Sikhs would agree that these systems have proven relatively unsuccessful.

The success of an educational institution is often dependent on a curriculum that is developed based on its integrity and core principles. The Sikh community is in critical need of a standardized Gurmat and Pañjābī school curriculum that imparts Sikh values to children. With this vital curriculum, generations of Sikhs will be able to read and comprehend their scriptural canon, the Gurū Granth Sāhib. Fortunately, the Sikh Research Institute has embarked on a journey to develop a system to standardize pertinent course material, which will be used to educate young Sikhs attending Gurmat and Pañjābī schools worldwide.

The project was made possible due to the kind gifts of several individuals and intuitions. Of those, the sponsors include:

  • Argonaut Group, Inc. (Texas)
  • Gurpreet Kaur & Harinder Singh (Texas)
  • Jolly Properties (Texas)
  • Dr. Kirpal Singh (Iowa)
  • Nanak Prachar Sabha (California)
  • Punjabi American Heritage Society (California)
  • Seema Kaur & Arvinder Singh Kakkar (Maryland)
  • Guru Angad Institute of Sikh Studies (Virginia)
  • Khalsa Investment, Inc. (Virginia)
  • Mann Foundation (Virginia)
  • Sri Guru Singh Sabha (New Jersey)
  • New England Sikh Study Circle (Massachusetts)
  • Sikh Cultural Society (New York)
  • Sikh Society of Michigan (Michigan)
For more information regarding the Sojhī project, please download the following documents:

You can view the Revised Dohre Lesson Plan demonstrating SikhRI's good-faith and responsiveness to concerns of the panth. See the attached pdf file.


  • Revised Dohre Lesson Plan.PDF
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