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Leisure Salwar Kameez And Sweater Question

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 20, 2012
Sat Sri Akal,

I guess this is the best place to put this since it's more a 'fashion' question than a Sikh question.

I have been wearing Salwar Kameez exclusively to the Gurdwara and have now been even gifted a few sets from ladies there! In the heat of Summer the suit by itself was more than fine since it was hot, but now some cooler air has begun to emerge. It's not cold enough for a coat yet, but all of my salwar kameez have either short sleeves or sleeveless (one that I was given is sleeveless and I feel I really should wear it since it was a gift, and I love the colour, even though I don't normally wear sleeveless as it feels a bit too revealing to me.. I usually like a couple inch sleeve at the least).

Anyway, the newest gifted suit is burgundy silky material with beige flower motif on the kameez and a few sequins across the front, and the patiala salwar is solid burgundy. The chuni is burgundy and with the same beige flowers outlining it. It's beautiful and I'd like to wear it next weekend but its starting to get a bit cool (not cold but certainly not heat wave anymore). Would it be ok to wear a small sweater over it? The sweater I have is same beige colour as the flowers, and is a shorter length (almost like a shrug but its a full sweater) open front button up sweater with half sleeves (elbow length) It's not heavy... but would be just enough to take the cool off my shoulders and upepr arms. It matches the beige in the suit perfectly. But I just wasn't sure what the etiquette was with Indian fashion and wearing sweaters with salwar kameez / punjabi suits. This little sweater would cover my upper arms too and make me feel a bit more 'covered' since the suit I want to wear it with is the sleeveless one.

And if wearing a sweater, do you wear the chuni the same way (obviously while in the Gurdwara on my head) but when not in the Gurdwara, do I drape it same way as I have been (both ends over my shoulders hanging down my back and the front hanging a little down off my neck so it covers my bust area a bit)... would I wear it the same way but over top of the sweater?

Thanks in advance!


Dec 22, 2009
Hi Akasha Ji,

It's totally Cool (pun intended, Haha). But, yes, sweaters & Cardigans are often worn over suits. As for the Chuni, if you're heading to the gurdwara, you would wrap it around your head & then throw it over your shoulders so you won't have to adjust later on, & just throw the Sweater on top, this also keeps it from moving around, it might actually make things a little more Secure! Apart from that, I would suggest you check out Shawls, they can also be very helpful in the winter time & sometimes very comfortable.



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