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  1. Admin

    General Feminine Apparel For Pashtuns

    In her book Hari Singh Nalwa ― Champion of the Khalsaji, Vanit Nalwa observes: Feminine apparel for Pashtuns: In accordance with the teaching of their Guru, the Sikhs did not attack the defenseless or the weak. This included children, women, mendicants and the elderly. Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa...
  2. Ishna

    Leisure How To Take Up Salwar?

    ***Could an admin please change the title - they are not patiala salwar, my mistake*** Greetings So I was given some lovely fabric by auntie at Gurdwara Sahib along with the name and number of a local tailor. I went there with my favourite salwar and kameez and asked her to make the new suit...
  3. Harkiran Kaur

    Leisure Salwar Kameez And Sweater Question

    Sat Sri Akal, I guess this is the best place to put this since it's more a 'fashion' question than a Sikh question. I have been wearing Salwar Kameez exclusively to the Gurdwara and have now been even gifted a few sets from ladies there! In the heat of Summer the suit by itself was more...
  4. Harkiran Kaur

    Will I Offend Anyone If I Wear A Punjabi Suit (Salwar Kameez) To Gurdwara?

    I have found since going to the Gurdwara the past few weeks, that western pants (even loose khakis) are decidedly uncomfortable sitting cross legged on the floor for long periods. I mentioned to the people who have been giving me rides (he is a white convert and full Amrit, and she is Punjabi...
  5. Admin

    FAQs Where Do Sikhs Get Turbans And The Salwar Kameez?

    These can usually be bought in fabric stores in the U.S. Some Sikh Americans also get them if they visit India or have them mailed from their relatives there.