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Sabda-Understanding Sabda, Dhuni

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by Taranjeet singh, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Taranjeet singh

    Taranjeet singh India
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    Oct 21, 2009
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    Maskeen Ji On ‘What is ‘sabda’

    Sabda is the sound of ‘waheguru’ when it is uttered by the mouth and is heard by the ears. It is the ‘dhun as well. One should try to do the naam jaap aloud and hear the sound with the ears ,it is in this way that one shall have concentration of the Guru;s word. For us ‘waheguru’ is almost Naam and the shabad. its ‘dhun’ is like the dhun as is said by the akath sound or unstuck sound. ‘It is by listening that we digest that we have uttered. Unless we listen the ‘word’ we cannot digest it.

    Je Ko Khavay je Ku Bhunche Tis ka hoye Udharo [see Rehras sahib]

    Many people have asked maskeen ji as to what should we meditate upon. As per maskeen ji, One should meditate upon the ‘ words listened’ when while utterswaheguru. It is very difficult. After few practice one starts listening to Dhun etc. Every thing has to be digested. Food is digested and is converted into blood. Likewise whatever we consume has finaly to be digested. Likewise the ‘Naam’ has to be recited/uttered and finally has to be digested. Is there any way that it can be digested. It is difficult as explained above. Hence we call

    ‘Akhan Aukha prabh ka nao’

    As per that I understand it is the unstuck bani . Everything happens thru ‘akhar’ .Without the word one cannot even speak. Dog cannot speak a word.It has a sound. Likewise cow do not have a word.It has also a sound only. We can know it only thru. Its sound only. Likewise we know HIM thru. the sabad that is produced during meditation while ‘uttering ‘ waheguru’.

    A dumb person cannot speak and hence cannot rise in spritualism. A blind can do so as it has a capacity to speak a ‘sabad’ or ‘akhar’.Also see pages 1239.1240/41 and 42 etc……Maskeen ji’s katha
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