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Jan 6, 2005
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source: PunjabNewsline.com - Rule of Jungle prevailing in Punjab, says Ajay Maken

Rule of Jungle prevailing in Punjab, says Ajay Maken

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

AMRITSAR: Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Maken lamenting on Punjab Government being led by Akalis, said that Rule of Jungle prevailing in the State of Punjab.

Addressing the press conference here today Maken said that Police machinery became puppet at the hands of Akali led Government in Punjab and situation of law and order slipping out of control and Rule of Jungle was prevailing in Punjab.

Ajay Maken slammed the Shiromani Akali Dal-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of Punjab for blatantly misusing the state police machinery to settle political scores and further its political agenda.

He said that presently there was no rule of law, since Punjab government was slapping criminal cases on poor people and Congress activists throughout the Punjab for their vested interest in Political vendetta.

Misuse of police force not only raises doubts about the credibility of administration in the minds of people but also adversely affects normal policing, he added.

Talking on recent arrest of terrorists in different districts of Punjab he said that Union Government was closely watching terrorists’ activities in the State.

Adding further, he said that Punjab Government should not use the police force for their personal interest keeping in view of larger interest of humanity. He said that Punjab Government was mounting immense pressure on Police officer to get works done as per their choices.

Makean advised that Punjab Government to implement police reform and security commission in Punjab in the light of directions of Supreme Court. He said that Punjab Government should not use the police officers like football, hence they should be allowed to work independently. Pointing at the state of policing in the state, Maken further said the state government had not paid heed to the directives of the Supreme Court.

Maken said that during his visit in the different border districts, Gurdaspur, Batala and Amritsar he met many hapless people who were suffering immensely at the hands of Punjab Government due to registration of false criminal cases under the political Vedanta. He said that report in this regardwould be submitted to Congress High command, Minister of Home Affairs as what the Akalis had done to poor people and congress activities. He also hinted to investigate all such cases through some independent agency from Center.

Maken said that purpose behind his visit in Punjab to have first hand reports with regard to atrocities being inflicting on innocent people by Akali led Government in Punjab. Talking about Pakistan, he said, “We are not satisfied with the simple House Arrest of Hafiz Mohammed Saeed brain behind the 26/11 Mumbai attack. Pakistan Government should honestly investigate the whole things as India has enough proofs regarding the involvement of Saeed in 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack”. He said that now it was right time for Pakistan to take stern steps amidst the international pressure to curb terrorism from its soil.

He said that India was not soft with Pakistan after the recent Rocket attacks on Amritsar’s villages, since Indian Home Ministry took up such things with Pakistan very seriously. Maken was accompanied by Pratap Singh Bajwa, MP, and Mohinder Singh Keypee, the state Congress president.


Apr 3, 2005
Look who is speaking about jungle raj whose Uncle was a prime accused in 1984 riots
Lalit maken who was gunned down by sukha and jinda.He says that he met people in various Districts of Punjab.Did he meet the victims of 1984 riots who suffered because of his uncle? I am really sorry but these type of Articles are not even worth of reading.

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