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USA Rowdy Protest Divides Fresno Sikh Community


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Angry protesters interrupted a religious event at a Sikh temple Friday night --- causing Fresno Police to intervene.

The protest outside the Sikh temple at Dakota and Fresno centers around a controversial religious preacher --- who has divided the local Sikh community.

The guest speaker is such a lightning rod of controversy, even his name is in dispute. Those who protested call him Darshan.

Supporters give him a more revered title--- Professor Darshan Singh. And the debate over his name is only beginning of this religious feud pitting against Sikh.

This rowdy scene---took over Dakota street outside a Sikh temple Friday.

Dozens of protesters from all over the Valley used mega-phones and signs to express their anger---at the Sikh leader- they say insulted their traditional beliefs and got ex-communicated because of it.

"It's been said that from the highest throne in our faith that he is not allowed to go on any stage and speak about these values," Parminder Singh said.

"He's going against our holy scriptures. What more can I take then him saying stuff against the person I believe in," Mangal Kaur said.

The voices of protesters could be heard from inside the temple, while the Sikh leader preached in front of dozens of supporters.

"If somebody is addressing in a religious place, obviously those are good words, and if somebody wants to interrupt that, I would say that's disrespect," Sammar Singh Virk said.

"He's one of the authorities on Sikh religion, so we invite authorities in the Sikh religion to go and give their religious prospect and views," Harcharn Singh Chann said.

A fence separated protesters from supporters Friday.

Fresno Police responded because of noise complaints from neighbors.

They also intervened when protesters threw water at people on the other side. And while tensions were visibly high-----officers didn't make any arrests.

Video of altercation at this link

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
According to video evidence published on www -dot- Khalsanews-dot-org the GURDWARA is PACKED full of sangat listening to the Kirtan. The rowdy crowd was about 20 persons with their wives and kids even and were kept OUTSIDE the Gurdwara by the POLICE.

1. The Akal Takhat jathedar has issued his Order..let LOCAL SANGATS decide what to do. Causing disturbances, gate crahsing, throwing bricks and stones at Gurdwaras, shouting chanting Satnam Waheguru as loudly as possible in the presence of seated sangat and parkash SGGS etc are all anti-maryada and NOT the way to "enforce" Hukmnamahs which should be RESPECTED NATURALLY by ALL SANGATS . RESPECT begets RESPECT..first of all the "Issuers of hukmanmahs" have to RESPECTED..and the present ones are NOT simply because they LOST IT by displaying "AROOR SINGH" Behaviour towards the Political masters. Respect is earned by being AKALI PHOOLA SINGH (who tied Maharaja Ranjit Singh to the pillar and caned him) or like Prof darshan Singh who tied Chief Minister BARNALA to a pillar as well....not by hiding in the back pockets of Politicians...


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
I wish I had a copy of the edict you just mentioned because if I can find it I will send it to the tv news station. The station covering this was one of the Big 3 in the US -- ABC. I am still astonished by the one woman who told the reporter that Professor had disrespected a Sikh scripture. Duh?

However, the expressions on the faces of those interviewed inside the Gurdwara were --- well -- a picture is worth a thousand words -- "amused."


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
The saga continues as the protesters move on to Selma CA, per their plan.

Protestors Stand Against Former Sikh Leader

Protestors made their way to a Sikh temple in Selma Saturday night. Professor Darshan Singh and his supporters were creating controversy in the Sikh community. Singh is the former leader of the Sikh religion and some people are opposed to Singh’s ideals.

Protestors say they weren’t there to cause any problems. They wanted to get their message out through prayer.

A protestor named Parminder Singh explains why he’s against Darshan Singh. He says, “he exposed his core values for the past 30 to 40 years he's been a preacher and then all of a sudden a couple of years ago he changed, so we don't know if he's being paid off, but he's flipped on core values.”

A supporter, Mhoder Singh, tells us why the Professor has a bad reputation with some in the Sikh community. He says, “some politicians don't like him because he was very bluntly open to say what was going wrong in the Sikh religion. He explained that and some people don't like that and they are against him.”

Professor Singh plans to speak at the Sikh temple in Caruthers on Sunday. Protestors that attended the service in Selma say they will be protesting during Singh’s speech in Caruthers too.

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