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Request#5 - Get A Link To SPN On Your Favourite Blogs/Websites


Jun 1, 2004
Starting from yourself, if you have an online web presence by way of personal website / blog then please add a link to all your web resources, like mentioned below in this message. :)

Further, all of us have a list of favorite websites that we frequently visit. We visit News sites, Local Gurudwara website, Association websites, Charity websites, Shopping sites etc. This list is practically endless.

Most of the websites have a section for "Links". In this section, the webmasters want to list sites, the visitors of that site would find useful. is a great resource site for all Sikhs and can rightfully claim a space in that section.

You can send a note to the webmaster requesting to place a link to SPN in there links section. Your one time priceless effort to place a link will generate a continuous stream of visitors. :yes:

Go ahead! Ask your favorite sites to link to SPN using the below content: - Global Online Community Of Sikhs (Link this text to

or - Explore the United Colors of Sikhism (Link this text to


Whatever, suits your personality!

In case, the webmaster requests to put a link back to their site at SPN, please contact us. We shall do the needful immediately.

Thank You for Your Support.

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