USA Reality Show "American Idol" Rumored To Feature Sikh Contestant


Nov 4, 2007
Reality show American Idol rumored to feature Sikh contestant

By Rupinder Mohan Singh

Gurpreet Sarin (source: American Idol Net)
Sometimes, a rumor is simply too juicy to pass up.

The website American Idol Net — an unofficial website about Fox network’s popular American Idol singing competition – rumors that Gurpreet Sarin is among the Top 40 contestants for the 2013 iteration of the TV show (via @sepiamutiny):

Gurpreet appears to be about 22 years old and lives in the Washington, DC area. This appears to be his first spin through the American Idol machine and if the rumors are true he’s made it through Hollywood Week and down to the coveted Top 20 Boys spot.

We will have to wait until Wednesday — when American Idol kicks off this year’s competition — to find out whether it is true that a Sikh American has for the first time made it on the show. In the meantime, you can get a taste of Gurpreet Sarin’s singing talent on his YouTube channel, and can read more at American Idol Net.

We should add the photograph of the "rumored" contestant once we find out if the rumor is true. Can't wait. spnadmin
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