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Reading Sikhs Youth Association Needs You!


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004

For a long time now Parmvir Singh and Manmander Singh have been running Reading Sikh Youth Association (RSYA) and are now looking for more people to join to make it a large team. This will allow us to broaden the service that Reading Gurdwara can provide for the youngsters. We need people who can help us continue what we have been doing (and it isn't sitting on our backsides!!lol) such as;

Designing posters
Designing presentations for Gurpurbs and Sikhi Class
Running Punjabi Class and Sikhi class every Saturdays 5pm-7pm
Coach filling for all night kirtan programmes and other events
Providing literature and other media to sangat
Organising One day Camps at the Gurdwara
Updating this blogspot and Reading Gurdwara website (Reading Gurdwara Homepage)

....etc list is endless. Email RSYA@HOTMAIL.CO.UK for a full list.

Yes we know, we dont have many meetings, we just get on with the work rather than talking about it

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