India Raid Finds Several Schools Locked

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    Raid finds several schools locked

    Anirudh Gupta
    Ferozepur, September 22

    A surprise check by the Director General School Education found several government schools locked and others functioning without any teaching staff.

    Pannu along with 13 other teams from his department visited various parts of the district to take a first-hand look at the working of the schools. He found the schools had poor attendance of students; the teachers were unpunctual, the mid-day meals were badly cooked and school premises were unhygienic.

    In the 141 schools inspected, 19 teachers were absent and 56 staff members were unpunctual. During his raid, Pannu suspended Rajiv Beri, Maths Lecturer at Government High School, Basti Bela Singh, for indiscipline.

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