Racialism In Gurudwaras


If some one does racialim in Gurudwara it is bigger offensce then removing 5ks as one of the main purpose of 5ks and Baptism is to end racialism.such person is pseudo Sikh.

Das saw that one of our memeber Anand Gurdas saw this.Das also swa such attitudes for Non Asians in one of the UK Gurudwaras.sometime Hindu or Muslim Punjabi were respected more then say white(Europians) or Black (Africans).

Das got simlar complaint from some one in Canada,who went for sprituaal solace in Canada's one Gurudwara but was treated badly over there by Management at Taksal's site www.gursikhijeevan.com

What needs to be done?


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Re: Racialsim in Gurudwaras

what else..

speak out !!!!

it is wrong to keep quite , seeing all this happen
Thats a first for me..never have I heard someone at the Guruji's house being mistreated . But it could have been due to some misdemeanor by the concerned person (like not covering their heads or visiting the Gurudwara as a tourist spot).
waht happens in west is that we have illitrate people in Gurudwaras,who may not like educated westerne converts to be there as they can pinpoint lots of wrong thses guys do in management.

Das once saw them figthing like ... in front of Darbar Sahib.


To me this problem seems to go well beyond just the gurdawaras and is representative of a larger problem in Sikh society. I know I'm not the only one who has had his grandmother and parents warn him about making "black friends" or "white friends". Many poeple in sikh society are under the impression that sikhs should only associate with other sikhs. I think this mindset is a remnant of the old caste system that the gurus worked so hard to abolish. Unfortunatley the positions of power in many gurdwaras are held by those of a conservative mindset. They then surround themselves with like minded people and so the positions of power are inherited by those of the uber-conservative minority. What's worst is that many sikhs are progressive in their attitudes and accepting of other faiths, these sikhs are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the gurdwara politics and this hurts the faith. what we need is a shake up of the way gurdwaras are run to get some diversified opinions in the mix.

I should also add that I once attended a youth "lecture" on sikhsim. The speaker was a very articulate sardar who stated "The future of sikhism doesn't lie with the Indians, it is with the blacks the whites and those of other faiths who have yet to discover this thing called sikhism". Those who discriminate in gurdwaras are doing one heck of a dis-service to our faith.
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The speaker was a very articulate sardar who stated "The future of sikhism doesn't lie with the Indians

To be more specific The future does not lie with the Punjabi community as they adore Punjabism above anything else
Gurudwara is a place open for all... welcoming with open arms. If this is not done there, then the people there are missing the essentials of Sikhi.


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