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Question Regarding Saint Ram Das

Jun 14, 2004
Question regarding saint Samarth Ramdas

Dear Cyber sangat,
I am new to this site, so plz accept my apolygise if i say/do some thing wrong:).
I was reading about the 6th guru, guru har gobind ji when I suddenly stopped at this paragraph:

Saint Ram Das's meeting with the Guru had a great historical consequence, for he was so impressed by the Guru's thesis that he later trained Shivaji, the great Maratha leader, in the same manner.

Want I would like to know is how true or authentic is this claim? are there any other source which verify this apart from sikh scholars and historians? I am not being in doubt but it seems impossible for an outsider (hindu, muslim) to beleive just that paragraph. Also i would really appriaciate it if some one could provide more information about saint ram das.

if it is true, then, hey hey, we DID save the whole of india! ;)
Jun 14, 2004
Thanks a lot. I also searched on I could not copy or paste the link or the article. its under sikhism review, encyclopedia of sikhism, click on S and search for SAMARTH RAMDAS.
I did try to compare this article to the site you gave me Both seem authentic and personally it seems Samarth ramdas did meet Guru Har Gobind ji and was influenced by his ideology. I will try to post more on this from a book soon.

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