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Punjab's New High:10 Cr More Liquor Bottles Sold. Total 29 Crore Bottles Per Year

Discussion in 'Business, Lifestyle & Leisure' started by spnadmin, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. spnadmin

    spnadmin United States
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    Jun 17, 2004
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    Punjab's new high:10 cr more liquor bottles sold. Total 29 crore bottles per year.

    Notwithstanding the economic recession, liquor consumption in Punjab has touched an alltime high, with its denizens guzzling roughly 29 crore bottles of Punjab Made Liquor (PML), Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and beer in 2009-2010.

    This is a whopping increase of 10 crore bottles over the consumption of 19 crore bottles in the preceding year, suggesting that the tipplers have given a major leg-up to the revenue earnings of the financially poor state.

    In other words, Punjab with a population of 2.5 crore has one of the highest per capita consumption in the country -- roughly 10 bottles (750 ml each) per head in a year. This, mind you, is apart from the liquor consumed from other sources such as scotch and wine brought by foreign travellers,

    the CSD canteens for defence personnel, liquor smuggled from neighbouring states and, of course, the illicit brew.

    And, the happiest man perhaps is Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal as he has collected a record revenue of Rs 2,150 crore in 2009-2010 -- Rs 200 crore more than the preceding year. As the consumption of liquor shows an upward trend, the draft excise policy for the next year has proposed no hike in rates.

    According to a senior Punjab official, the state Excise and Taxation Department hopes to mop up an additional Rs 200 crore over the outgoing year from the sale of PML, IMFL as well as beer. For this, the department plans to increase the licence fee and also the quota of liquor the vendors can sell.

    The main reason for such an unprecedented spurt in liquor consumption is a major increase of PML, IMFL and beer quota by the state in order to counter the inflow of smuggled liquor from neighbouring states. A raise in liquor quota means decrease in liquor prices, spurring greater

    consumption, added the Punjab official. The new draft excise policy will come up for the Cabinet's approval on February 23. No significant change has been proposed in the allotment of liquor vends through draw of lots. There are 6,000 liquor vends across the state.

    As per the Excise Department data, tipplers in Punjab guzzled 1.5 crore cases of country liquor, 50 lakh of IMFL and 40 lakh of beer in 2009-10. A case contains 12 bottles.

    http://epaper. hindustantimes. com/ArticleText. aspx?article= 17_02_2010_ 001_011&kword=&mode=1

    Forwarded by forum member Tejwant Singh Malik ji

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  3. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Malaysia
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    Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
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    Jul 4, 2004
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    GOOD...How many SIXTH RIVERS does Punjab Have..

    1. Sixth River was Bhai Vir Singh (Literature)
    2. Sixth River was the 1947 massacres and the 1984-1994 Massacres (BLOOD)
    3. Sixth River is LIQUOR....and I beleive this "river" has more FLOW than any of the other
    FIVE which are running DRY..
    4. Sixth River..of DRUGS...hot on the Liqour river....polluting veins of Punjab Youth !!
    5. Sixth River...YOUTH MIGRATING OVERSEAS....
    6. SIXTH RIVER...the BABAS, the Mahapurshs, The DERAS, the GURUS..

    SO the Land of the Five Rivers is NOW officially the land of the 11 Rivers..and the Water Table is GOING DOWN...Punjab turning into a desert ?? WHAT ?? with 11 rivers ??
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  4. dalbirk

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    May 24, 2008
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    Today there was an article in daily Ajit Newspaper by Gobind Thukral wherein the writer has made very good points :
    1. The annual visitors ( NRIs ) from abroad is in hundred thousands who on an average bring many bottles of imported Scotch each .
    2. Much liquor is being bought from bordering Haryana , Chandigarh , Himachal due to excise difference & hence difference in prices .
    3. The relatives of soldiers use their contacts to buy huge amount of liquor from army CSD/Canteen which is again a very huge quantity .
    4. This figure does not include the Home Made liquor which is heavily favoured in political & official quarters .
    The writer has concluded that the actual consumption of liquor ONLY is in excess of 500 Million ( 50 Crore ) bottles annually in Punjab . This excludes other intoxicants like opium , Bhukki , Dodey , Medicinal drugs , heroine , Smack , tobbacco , Zarda , cigerrates etc etc in which Punjab is also a world leader in per capita consumption .
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