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Punjabi Warrior On NDTV India

Dec 8, 2005
Dear brother


The other day I was seeing news on NDTV channel and saw some sikhs playing video games and calling them selves " Punjabi Warrior ":confused: was such a put off.

They were fat couch potatoes who I am sure at the first shot of bullet will take to there heels. They seemed like some of todays Sikhs who live of their past glories .

Either they should serve Mother India's Army or fight cyber wars by being good software programmers or hardware developers to earn the title of Punjabi Warriors.It is not for the weak and faint hearted computer game players.

Punjabi warrriors does not seem to fit these couchpotaoes living of fixed deposits of there forefathers.

Bhul chul Maf:wah:

With malice to none.