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Opinion Punjab Issues Directions To Stop Honour Killings

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
June 10, 2011

Punjab issues directions to stop honour killings

June 10, 2011 8:29:02 PM

PNS | Chandigarh

Finally, Punjab has woken up to check honour killings that are eating up the vitals of the society while taking away innocent lives of young couples in love.

Initiating steps to stop honour killings in the State, the Punjab Government has issued strict directions. The fresh directions and guidelines have been sent to all Deputy Commissioners, Magistrates and Senior Superintendents of Police and Commissioners of Police for strict compliance.

The threatening attitude of the parents or relatives in the wake of inter-caste marriages by their wards and subsequently disrupting the law and order situation would be dealt firmly, said an official Government spokesman.

The fresh guidelines came after the directions of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in the petition regarding honour killing. As per guidelines, the security would be extended to such couples till they feel “safe”.

For this purpose, Protection Centers have been set up to facilitate the young married couples with boarding and lodging for a period of six weeks after their marriage. Such couples would be given protection after submission of an application in the court of district Registrar. Also, the SSP concerned would ensure adequate security to the couples concerned.

The fresh guidelines also states that mediation or counseling cells would be set up in the offices of Commissioners or SSPs. Gram Panchayats in villages and special cells in the cities would counsel them to prevail upon the parents or relatives to reconcile to the married couples and not to take their step of marrying out of caste as a threat to their or family’s honour.

It was further informed that the respect of their decision of marrying out of caste and region to life and liberty of such couples would be ensured failing which could give rise to create turmoil in the society.

Directions have been issued that false cases should not be registered at the behest of the parents or relatives under Sections 363, 366, 376 of the Indian Penal Code against such couples who are adults and can take their own independent decisions. However, the police should strictly handle the cases where involved couples were minors, he added.

It was also directed that the cases of threats given to such couples prompting them to separate would be strictly curbed and action would be taken against the guilty.

The issue of compulsory registration of all marriages is also under active consideration of the Government.

source: http://www.dailypioneer.com/344694/Punjab-issues-directions-to-stop-honour-killings.html



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