Pictures Of Sikh Parvs/Festivals/Events Starting With Hola Mohalla In Anandpur Sahib

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Dear friends,

This thread is meant for sharing pictures of Sikh Parvs/Festivals/Events that you take with your own camera. To begin with, I am submitting here some pictures that were taken by me on Hola Mohalla at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab on 26th March, 2005. Some foreign sikhs also attended this celebration.

You can see these pictures in the form of a Powerpoint presentation which is 2.9MB in size. You can download the attachment in this thread.

Please reply with your contributions. :up:

Best regards,

Rajbinder Singh Sidhu

No private emails please


  • HollaMohalla.pps
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Re: Pictures of Sikh Parvs/Festivals/Events

Great pics!!! :thumbup:

I'd put some photos up but there are no 'special' events that happen up where I live. All the events that happen are down in Sydney and that's about 3000-4000 km from where I am. :hmm: