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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I have noticed a change in myself in the last week, I have started by trying to cut down on Aloo Prontha, and attempting to finish the foundations for my journey into sikhism and god. Maybe foundations is the wrong word, the journey is a path, and a path requires movement, and you cannot move foundations, so, a vehicle is required, one that is not going to break down, does not require huge resources to get going, and can be repaired easily,

    When I came here in January, my thinking was so so different to today, I had never ever enjoyed a shabad in my life, and yet here I am , 8 months later, listening to shabads, my eyes are still moist from reading Maiji's post, I am in shock, it really puts your whole life in perspective, your desires, your wants, what upsets you, what makes you happy, and now this shabad I am playing 'mittar pyare' seems to be the only thing that can help the feeling of shock and replace it with something more positive, again, a huge step from a large bottle of scotch, or worse.

    I have noticed that I am in awe of several people on this forum, like a child, I find myself aping their thinking, trying to base my thinking on the fruits of others, I feel like a child at school again, looking at the brighter pupils and trying to learn, but everyones view is so individual, although in agreement on the fundamental principles, there seems to be much movement for individual grasping of theories and thinking, it is also time, I feel to reach out into my own self and take on board what I know to be good, I have interacted with many people on this forum, and all have left a mark, confused, for his buddhist input, Ishna for her boundary pushing and questioning, Ambersaria for explaining the role of ourselves and the universe, Bhagat Singh for his making every question a million questions, and every answer a million answers, all correct in some part of space and time, Maiji, Spnadminji, for the bravery and courage and sheer chardi kala, Gyaniji for his passion and knowledge, sinnerji for being my brother in arms, and indeed everyone who i have come into contact with and who has helped me to build this vehicle to take the path in ( I feel like an oscar nominee)
    and lastly Pabloji, for reminding me what I used to be like, brother, you are more sikh than you think
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