Perfect Reheated Pizza

OK, this is more a method than a recipe, but it's too useful not to share.

The thing about pizza is that there is always, I mean usually, some left over. What do you do with it? Some eat it cold. I do not like eating my pizza cold. I like hot, gooey pizza with a nice, crisp crust. The microwave is good for gooey cheese, but the crust is nasty-soggy. My convection oven or my range oven, gives a nice, crisp crust, but the cheese is dried out-nasty. What to do?

The answer is simpler than you might think. Pull out a skillet, preferably cast-iron, but any skillet, actually any pan of the proper size that you can cover will work. Put it over medium heat, place the pizza in it, cover, set your phone alarm for 12 minutes, or watch the clock. Pizza is greasy and won't stick. Uncover and pull out the pizza. It will be hot, so have a plate or something, maybe the pizza box ready to put it on.

Now, eat hot gooey, crispy pizza.

I am eating the pizza in the picture right now, wiping my fingers carefully with a damp washcloth. I do not eat pizza with a fork.

I guess you really don't need to cover it, but the cheese melts better if you do.

(Note: this method is not original with me. I learned it here.


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