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Peace Of Mind Through Glorious Virtues

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 296

ijsu min bsY sunY lwie pRIiq ]
iqsu jn AwvY hir pRBu cIiq ]
jnm mrn qw kw dUKu invwrY ]
dulB dyh qqkwl auDwrY ]
inrml soBw AMimRq qw kI bwnI ]
eyku nwmu mn mwih smwnI ]
dUK rog ibnsy BY Brm ]
swD nwm inrml qw ky krm ]
sB qy aUc qw kI soBw bnI ]
nwnk ieh guix nwmu suKmnI ]8]24]

jis man basai sunai laae preeth ||
this jan aavai har prabh cheeth ||
janam maran thaa kaa dhookh nivaarai ||
dhulabh dhaeh thathakaal oudhhaarai ||
niramal sobhaa a(n)mrith thaa kee baanee ||
eaek naam man maahi samaanee ||
dhookh rog binasae bhai bharam ||
saadhh naam niramal thaa kae karam ||
sabh thae ooch thaa kee sobhaa banee ||
naanak eih gun naam sukhamanee ||8||24||

One, within whose mind it abides, and who listens to it with love
that humble person consciously remembers the Lord God.
The pains of birth and death are removed.
The human body, so difficult to obtain, is instantly redeemed.
Spotlessly pure is his reputation, and ambrosial is his speech.
The One Name permeates his mind.
Sorrow, sickness, fear and doubt depart.
He is called a Holy person; his actions are immaculate and pure.
His glory becomes the highest of all.
O Nanak, by these Glorious Virtues, this is named Sukhmani, Peace of mind. ||8||24||


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