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Parja AANDHEE GYAN Vihunee - Blind Superstition !

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji KI Fateh.

Parja aandhee gyan vihunee..

This Tuk from Gurbani explains why so much of todays world is BLIND IN SUPERSTITION...and BLINDLY FOLLOWING..so called SANTS, SADHS, DERAS, BHOOT REMOVERS, GHOST BUSTERS..and what not..

The BLIND person is one who cannot see..and he has to use his "ears", touch, and other senses to "SEE". A BLIND person can be cheated any time...you can tell him to stretch out his hand for a Rose flower..and drop a burning coal in his hands..A Blind man cannot see..so he "hears"..and Listens..and beleives...and IF a person with EYES..just BELIEVES through hearing...then he is also BLIND even though he has a perfectly good pair of eyes..he is a blind beleiver...as he refuses to see.

Gurbani says..
AAndhe eh na akhiyan jin mukh loyan nahi...andheh seyee nanaka khasmuh GHUTTHEH jaheh..

O nanak..Blind are NOT those who have no eyes...BLIND are those who have eyes but REFUSE to SEE the LORD.

Such people see nothign with their own eyes..they beleive what the other person says he saw...such people even believe someone hwo says..thsi man is not a thief..he is a SANT..a Brahmgiani..he has super powers.. Thus we have murderers who are "honoured" as Holy Men....and the REAL HOLY Men are put in chains..they are called stupid, blind, bad, mad, diwana, pagal etc...and they are "pitied" by such superstitious blind fools..

Why is this so popular..Why si so much good FOOD put on GRAVES...for the DEAD !!..But these same people ROB the LIVING. Why do people hold FEASTS and Langgars after a person is DEAD..but refused to give him medicines or take him to a doctor when he was alive..

TO get relief from such BLINDNESS..one has to Get the GYAAN from the GURU....the GURU gives us such an "eye" that can see in the DARKNESS of Blind superstition..The GURU teaches BIBEK VICHAAR..the ability to THINK.

Guru nanak Ji warsn US..
Je SAU chanda ugveh..sooraj chharreh hazaar..Ete channan hundeayh GUR bin GHOR andhaar..

IF hundreds of moons and thousnads of Suns arise...without the True GURU..it is still DARKNESS

Once there was a BLIND man...and he asked a seeing man the way to the town. This amn showed him the way and also gave him a Lantern to carry. The Blind man asked him.of what use is a Lantern to me..I am BLIND ? The man replied..Even if YOU cant see the light of the lantersn..others along the way can see its light and they wont knock in to you. On the way...this Blind amn carrying his lantersn..KNOCKED into another BLIND man who had been given a lantern to carry for the same reason. Now the Blind persons began to FIGHT...couldnt you see the lantern..Are YOU BLIND ? said one...WHY didnt YOU see the lantern in MY hand ..are YOU Blind..asked the second blind man....so you see..a BLIND man has no use for a Lantern..and even if soemone gives him one..it serves no purpose..

The GURU has Given us GURBANI...the LANTERN that Shines out bright and clear to show us the PATH....but if we behave as the Two Blind men....Even this LANTERN of GURBANI...fails to show us the way and we FIGHT.

This is the reason there are so many fights in this world...so many BLIND men are carrying LANTERNS....

Jarnail Singh gyani:whisling:



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