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  1. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Grammer / Vyakarn Prof Maninderpal Singh Of Gurmat Gyan Missionary College On Gurbani Grammar

    Watch ALL 16++ videos of Prof Maninderpal Singh Ji of Gurmatt Gyan Missionary College Ropar talks on the subject of Gurbani Grammar...whys and hows of aunkarrs and etc etc....AUNKARRS of GRAMMAR are NOT for Pronounciation..they are Grammar Markers....Singular+Male Nouns have...
  2. G

    Gur Bin Gyan Nahin

    Gur Fateh to All, I was nervous when 'Bai Ji'(A retired I.A.S. officer) called me to him, never did I knew that he will give me his blessings for naam simran. I used to do simran before also, but, was never unable to keep on for long time or say keep my mind on the track. So, I it is my...
  3. S

    Gurus Gurdwar Gyan Godri Haridwar

    Khalsji, Waheguruji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh You know that Sri Guru Nanakji had visited Hardwar and gave his Updesh to all. I do not want to repeat as all know. A Gurdwar, "Gyan Godri" hadbeen built in his honour at Har Ki Paidi, Hardwar. Thosands of Sikhs and Hindus used to visit it...
  4. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gurmat Gyan - From Sarabjit Singh Dhunda

    One of the Best Sikh Parcharaks YouTube- Kartoot pashu ki mans jatt 5
  5. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Parja AANDHEE GYAN Vihunee - Blind Superstition !

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji KI Fateh. Parja aandhee gyan vihunee.. This Tuk from Gurbani explains why so much of todays world is BLIND IN SUPERSTITION...and BLINDLY FOLLOWING..so called SANTS, SADHS, DERAS, BHOOT REMOVERS, GHOST BUSTERS..and what not.. The BLIND person is one who...