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Learn Punjabi Panjabi Primer - Part 1 In A 3 Part Series


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Panjabi Primer

The book Panjabi Primer has been prepared primarily for those people, who can read English and are 10 years or older. Younger people may find this book helpful for learning to read Gurmukhi. It is based on the conversation method of learning Panjabi. According to this method one learns to convert the Panjabi alphabet and vowels into corrosponding English forms, the use of which the student already knows. It therefore enables a person to read Panjabi in short period of time period.

  1. Panjabi Primer Introduction And Table of Contents

Just my thoughts - Today we expect a lot from the Internet. A lot of active script and glossy pages. You are going to find that the materials in these 3 threads are kind of basic and old fashioned. They are pdf files which you can download and print, and they don't look fancy. BUT these materials are among the very best in my humble opinion in terms of getting the basic information down and mastered in a short period of time. So make sure you magnify to 240 percent if you read on-line. And either way, hard copy or electronic, you are going to appreciate these materials.


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