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Islam Pakistani Girl Falsely Accused Of Blasphemy 'in Canada'


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Pakistani girl falsely accused of blasphemy 'in Canada'


A Pakistani Christian girl who was falsely accused of blasphemy has fled to Canada with her family, a Christian organisation says.

Rimsha Masih, aged 14, was detained in a maximum security prison for several weeks in August 2012, accused of burning pages from the Koran.

The case attracted widespread international concern.

Although charges against Rimsha were dropped, she and her family were forced into hiding after death threats.

Rimsha, who is believed to have learning difficulties, was arrested in a Christian area of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, after a furious crowd demanded she be punished.

A local Muslim cleric has since been accused of framing her.

The teenager has now settled in Canada with her family, although their exact location has not been made public.

A Christian activist in Canada told the BBC that the teenager was learning English and enjoying school. "They feel free," he said.

Critics have accused Pakistani courts of using the country's harsh blasphemy laws to target members of minority religions, according to the BBC's Orla Guerin, in Islamabad.

There seems little chance of a change in the law, our correspondent adds.

At least two prominent Pakistani politicians who had campaigned for a change in law have been killed in recent years.

Inderjeet Kaur

Oct 13, 2011
Seattle, Washington, USA
This is bizarre. I live in the Twenty-first Century. They seem to be living in the Twelfth. Blaspheme laws? God must have very sensitive feelings to be insulted by the actions of His children. I mean, I am a mother and my kid sometimes got mad at me and said things that little kids say, but I didn't stone him.

So maybe it's not God getting upset, but some men who find anything remotely resembling dissent as a threat to their power?

I'm very tempted to write something they would consider blasphemous, but that might be infantile, so I won't. Even so, I don't believe that the Almighty is Allah as portrayed in the Qu'ran. :noticemunda:

Oops. :angryyoungkaur: