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Heritage Ontario Gurdwara To Set Up First Ever Multimedia Sikh Museum In Canada


1947-2014 (Archived)
MISSISSAUGA – After yearlong frantic planning, Ontario Khalsa Darbar is moving ahead with setting up Canada’s first of its kind Multimedia Sikh Museum in Mississauga. The museum is being set up under volunteer support of Baba Sewa Singh Chairman Kar Sewa Khadur Sahib-India. The hi-tech brain behind the museum is Surrey resident Dr Raghbir Singh Bains, a Canadian Sikh and author of the Encyclopaedia of Sikhism.

Both the sponsor and producer have offered to set up the latest technology and put up programmed content in the museum without getting any remuneration. However, it will especially be for use of OKD in the Gurdwara premises or the Sikh Resource Center to be constructed in the near future by the committee of the said Gurdwara. There will be no entry fees for visitors and free guides would be made available for help. The Ontario Khalsa Darbar Gurdwara Mississauga is one of the largest Sikh Gurdwara in North America that attracts thousands of followers, visitors and student groups of all faiths every day.

The first of its kind Multimedia Sikh Museum in the world on robotic and touch screen technology was set up by Dr Raghbir Singh Bains at Khadur Sahib during 500th anniversary of the ‘Parkash Gurpurv’ of Guru Angad Dev Ji on April 16, 2004 in India. Similarly, the second such museum was set up at Jalandhar in Punjab during 2008.

Addressing the enthusiastic Press conference of Ontario province, Dr. Bains apprised that the ‘Multimedia Sikh Museum’ will contain more than 50,000 multi-language text pages, thousands of pictures, graphics, audios, videos and sparkling animations. The museum will cover Sikh religion, its chronological history, culture, social value system, heritage, Sikh institutions, beliefs, ceremonies, customs, traditions, and Sikh Code of Conduct. It will provide detailed information about alcohol and drugs, domestic violence, AIDS, social evils like rapes, girl foeticide and prostitution rampant in the world. It will also provide comparative briefs of the teachings of world faiths, practices, their founders and much more with simple touch on the screen.

Dr Bains further said that the museum will be a wonderful tool and fabulous reference material for students, teachers, preachers, speakers, leaders, debaters, laymen, clergies, judges, lawyers, doctors, media reporters, researchers, youth, libraries, universities, youth, Gurdwara Committees, Granthis, Ragis, Dhadis, and especially for people of all ages and all faiths. The Museum will cover interactive teaching of basic subjects like, Punjabi, English, Math, Science and General Knowledge etc for school students and enhanced learners

While addressing the press, Jasjit Singh Bhullar President of the Gurdwara appealed the community to support the project and donate generously for erecting the new building of the Sikh Resource Center and the proposed educational institutions for benefit of the community. The museum is likely to be launched shortly for public.

I have seen the Multimedia Sikh Museum set up by Raghbir Singh Bains Ji in Model Town Gurudwara , Jalandhar . It is really impressive & informative . A very good initiative by Bains Ji . This is exactly the way we all should go forward providing more & more information regarding Sikhism to whole world starting with Sikhs themselves so that the darkess of ignorance can be replaced by the light of the wisdom of Gurmat .

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