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On The Foolishness Of Judging Others

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by Archived_Member16, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    On the foolishness of judging others

    The act of judgement is an act of pride. It involves looking to our own store of knowledge, putting together a few facts, figures or fancies, and coming up with some sort of answer or solution to a given problem or situation. All too often it is the wrong solution or answer, and because of pride, we refuse to correct course.

    Judging others is an act of monumental pride - enormous pride, stupendous pride, galling, astonishing, fantastic pride. This should be understood. When you render judgement on another, you have taken upon yourself an awesome responsibility for making the correct judgement. Because, after all, your judgement is not necessary.

    All things, big and small, invite your judgement. The condition of the weather, political matters, the taste of your food, a television program - at every moment of the day, something or other is inviting your judgement of it. And so often, and so willingly, you render it, without being aware of the consequences, without taking care of the responsibilities entailed.

    You judge, and then to make matters worse, you believe in your judgement. You've looked at the evidence, you've made a judgement - it must be right! There couldn't possibly be any other conclusion to arrive at but the one your've chosen, could there?
    What you don't see, don't understand, is that your judgement leads to suffering - your own suffering. It does not touch the person judged; he or she is free of you and your thoughts and your judgements. You cannot change their behaviour by even a hair's breadth by your judgement.

    source: On the Foolishness of Judging Others


    According to Gary Zukav ( Author of : THE SEAT OF THE SOUL ), when we judge others, it is because we are seeing the world the way we want to see it — not the way it is. When you judge, it can affect your body physically and cause you pain. Judging others is a result of your own feelings of inferiority. Rather than experiencing and addressing the pain of your feelings, it's easier to judge others.

    In a moment of judgment, you are experiencing the feeling of powerlessness. Gary says most people don't take the time to become aware of that feeling of powerlessness, instead we lash out to keep from feeling the pain. According to Gary, when you judge, you're trying to change another person, and in turn, trying to make yourself feel more powerful.

    To get past the judging, Gary says you must make the effort to see what you're actually feeling, instead of acting out. To get to the heart of your judging, Gary explains, you must do some inner work, and have the determination to look at yourself with clarity. You must go deep inside yourself. Until you find the root of this painful experience and heal it, it will continue to recur.

    Another effective way to challenge your urge to judge, according to Gary, is to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Once you begin to see through their eyes, your perception of them will change. As you do this more often, you will gain strength and power, which Gary says are some of the keys to a more joyful life.

    Gary explains that it's not imperative that you stop judging. However, if you don't stop, you will simply continue to create the same consequences in your life. Judging does not bring you joy. It brings pain and blocks you from giving the gifts you were born to give. Gary says that if you do decide to challenge the judging, you will create consequences that are more nourishing, more fruitful, and more empowering for you

    source: Gary Zukav: How to Stop Judging Others
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  3. pk70

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    Feb 25, 2008
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    I do not know Gary Zukov; however, every thing he states about judging is not correct. Most of the time, judging doesn’t even occurs as he claims. Lets understand it with an example. I am commenting on Gary zukov’s views, obviously I am not judging Gary zukov. So disagreeing with opinion is not judging others. Judging is an act done through words in very personal declaration about others personality. Disagreeing is very important and should be done by staying away from getting personal. Judging includes judging others views in prospective of wide understanding of different opinions. Judging personally, I would say like this instead of judging, is very negative approach which not only displays judge’s own poor understanding of opposite views and but also his or her ignorance
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