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No One Out There


May 12, 2016
Fear of failure, hurt, rejection and so many Imaginery future scenarios that we build up. There is actually a term for it - philophobia I think, for fear of love. How weird, isn't it - tragic - how come love is something we fear.

Talk to (most of the pre-generation GPS/weather routing era) sea dogs and these mariners will tell you for a fact that the 'old man"(slang for captain) at sea would begin the day by smelling the storm well before the swell began to indicate the same. 7 times out of 10 they would be right. Ask them if any of the stony cold commanders could feel love - they would laugh so infectiously and so loud at your crazy query. The love breed does not exist at sea.

Likewise on land we smell imaginery fears and do not take a chance - because we need reasons to justify our cowardice.

She's perfect, but...I need time to be sure..I cannot find my dream partner.. what if?.. in case??...

Like Nanak stated - come to me in love with your head on a platter. Total surrender is alien to most of us mortals. No wonder we are unaware of the beauty of the truth, of love.

If I desire your love, I must discard and empty my heart of all fears and other thoughts. I must come empty to you and only then can you pour your love into my soul, my heart.

But an empty heart is akin to a empty ship at sea - scary in the slightest of storms. A loaded ship is more stable - so it's easy to fill our hearts and soul with the weight of doubt and fear. We feel more stable - sad, but true.

I knew she was going to hurt me one day. I knew it was not going to work out. Have we not heard these lines before?. Have we not felt these premonitions.

Fear is easy to run away from - than confront. The Nanak"s knew our frailty and gave us the Banee to toughen us up - so true desire for love would not be forsaken due our mortal fear.

We desire love, but tragically - love is what we fear most. I am a Sikh, but I am not a Khalsa. Why?? No points for guessing, lol - it is so obivious - is it not??. Fear love or love our fear - it's the same. To me the acceptance of Amrit is the first step in declaring - fear, you are so far that I cannot even smell you.

Lol, that was a long de-briefing.
Cool post :)

Acceptance of amrit is supposed to be symbolic of acceptance of inner amrit. The inner amrit is accepted when u start to practice Truth.


Jan 10, 2011
London UK
Why is this?
...Pathfinder Ji has done a splendid job already. To draft a codicil would only add confusion to what is otherwise, a beautiful read. Nonetheless, a perspective seemingly different in content but the same in substance can only help raise its profile and add aesthetic value to its magical choreography.

As humans we tend to place greater value on things we possess that we might otherwise lose, than on similar things which we lack, but yet, stand to gain. We find it hard to "trade in" goods or beliefs we have for better or equivalent goods. In other words, we are averse to loss - don't want to let go off what we hold in possession, albeit, extremely rewarding if we did. This'd be our irrational nature, which is very difficult to explain, especially if you maintain that human intelligence evolved to solve complex problems.

In psychology they've termed it the "endownment effect".

Much obliged
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