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Nawab Kapur Singh Singhpuria

Jun 1, 2004

Nawab Kapur Singh Singhpuria (1697 - 1753)
[size=+0]A commanding figure who led Sikhs through the dark period was Nawab Kapur Singh, the founder of Dal Khalsa. Nawab Kapur Singh was born of a Virk family of jats in 1697. He is also known to history as Kapur Singh Faizullapuria. When Mughal rulers offered jagir(estate) to the Sikhs, the Sarbat Khalsa decided to offer the jagirdari to Sardar Kapur Singh and honour him with the title of Nawab(Duke). The Sardar Kapur Singh showing extreme humility, consented to accept this only if it was consecrated by touching the feet of Panj Pyare. Kapur Singh by his bold example and his wise leadership, welded the Sikhs into a strong fighting force and implanted in their minds the vision of political sovereignty. For nearly a quarter of a century, Nawab Kapur Singh Singhpuria led the Sikhs through most trying times.[/size]

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