My 7 C'S Spice Mix And Herb Mix

Mai Harinder Kaur

7 C'S Spice MIX:

Curcuma, Cardamone,Cumin, Corriander seeds, cayenne, cinnamon and clove.

7 Herbal mix:

Parsil, Coriander leaves, sage, mint, basilic, oregano, Bay leaves.:yum:

Dear polpol ji,

First, a question. I had to look up curcuma. Is that what in English is often called turmeric and in Punjabi is haldi? The slightly bitter stuff that is orange coloured and sometimes used as a yellow dye?

Second, I see I shall have to actually write up some of my herb/spice seasoning mixtures and post them. Mine, like yours, have the huge advantage of containing no salt. Salt can always be added to the mixture, if desired. Let's see, taco seasoning, tea masala, Bengali tandoori masala, cajun seasoning...?


Yes Mai, curcuma is that orange one that stains everything. Turmeric is more yellow, I think it's not the same but maybe they are different variations of the same plant, maybe they are treated differently during the drying process, I don't know for sure. The dosage is tricky. I don't measure but go with inspiration. Maybe it's better to put less cloves (the ones that look like nails ie. "clous de girofle") and cayenne (chili?) according to your taste. This is more than just about taste, it's medecine! Anxious to see what you have for us. My husband loves spicy foods, actually he is a better cook than me...He cooks like a man, he does "cuisine" while I cook like a woman, I just cook! And about the seven herbs, you can replace bay leaves by chives (ciboulette in French, the ones that look like grass and taste a bit like oignons).