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Mool Mantrar As Gaeilge (in Irish)


Jul 1, 2012
As most of you probably have noticed, I'm Irish. I thought it'd be interesting to do something that hasn't been done before (as far as I know!) and translate the Mool Mantrar into Gaeilge (Irish) for the first time.

Not sure if this will be of any use to anyone, but it is something I wanted to do anyways and I'd like to share it with you all.

I had to slightly alter the English translations I found online, otherwise they would not have made sense when translated into Gaeilge.

One God.
The True Name.
The Creative Personality.
He has No Fear.
He has No Hatred.
Image of the Undying.
He has No Birth.
He has No Death.
Independent Existence.
He is the Holder of Enlightenment.

Aon Dia
An Ainm F
Pearsantacht Cruthaitheach.
Níl Aon
Faitíos air.
Níl Aon
Fuath air.
Íomha na Neamhbhásmar.

Níl Aon Breith air.

Níl Aon Bás air.

Bheith Neamhspleách
Tá sé na Dílseánach na Soilsiú

I did my best to translate accurately, hopefully this will some day be of use to someone!
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