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Sikh News Mockery Of Institutions Of "Daan" And "Daswandh"


Sep 16, 2004

How agonising it is to find people making donations at religious places for the sake of gaining fame and reputation. The essence of the donation is lost and it makes a mockery of the noble institutions of "Daan" and "Daswandh" which our Gurus started for the welfare of the community.

An old man on entering the gurudwara starts searching for something. On being asked, he says that he is searching for his name on the marble slabs, which was promised to him last year when he donated Rs 2100.

One wonders as to whether people go to Gurudwara's in search of their own name or the Name of God.
Sep 11, 2005
In another topic , someone has donated so much kg of Gold .

Now , here in this topic also I find that people are donating lots of money .

Dear Sikhs , If you have too much , and want to do some real sewa of humanity , then do consider to finance my company , so that my company should further generate employment and give jobs to jobless.:rolleyes:

Now , see how sikhs , Marod (twist) their Naks (Nose) .

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